Halloween Ends: A Review

The “Halloween” series finally comes to an end. The 1978 horror film franchise finishes its 15 year series off with the absolute WORST film ever.


Blumhouse Productions

Cheriden George, Staff Writer

The film Halloween Ends focuses on plenty of other topics rather than just focusing on Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis.  It literally felt like you saw everyone in the city more than the main attraction, such as a love story put in place of the story line, which initially causes the movie to steer downhill especially if this is supposed to be a horror film.

To add onto the love story in the movie, they give Michael Myers a young prodigy to do the killing for him which wasn’t really as exciting to watch especially since it was the last movie of the series, and He didn’t even kill anyone really – it all seemed like it was a love story. 

Then it just wasn’t scary enough!

Throughout the movie it was just unnecessary bullying, inconsistent with who was the target, uncalled for encounters, and horrible animation and graphics. To top it all off the movie ended so unpleasantly.

For the movie to be so bad they could’ve done a better job with the ending especially if this was the last of the movie.

In all honesty, I’m glad that the series is over because it seemed like they were running out of ideas. The movie felt very rushed and didn’t give the spirit of Halloween.

I definitely would not recommend this movie to others especially if you are looking for something scary to watch or hoping it was anything like the others. 

If I would give this movie a rating it would be a zero out of ten – it was just simply that bad.