High School Experiences

Kahlyse Wright, Staff Writer

According to senior Kahliah Wright comparing her freshman year to senior year (now): she “was a kid.” Coming to school was fun; it was her “hangout session.” She also states freshman year was easier, and the work was not as hard, “I used to have 110 percent in classes.” Now as a senior, she says she’s “struggling, it’s hard.” She feels stressed with getting A’s and B’s in classes and also trying to juggle that with college things. As of now she thinks, “you make school what you want it, throughout all of the stress.”  Ultimately, she believes senior year will be fun.

Senior Natahniel Logan also compares his freshman year to his senior year; for him freshman year “was exciting. ” He states, “I was excited for high school, ready to see what the high school experience was about… Everything was easy, I didn’t have to worry about my grades as much and I could still get everything done,” but when asked about his senior year, the response was different. He goes on to say that “I went into senior year exhausted, with the workload and stress of finishing high school with good grades to get into colleges.” When asked about how he thinks senior year would go he says “it’s what you make it really.”

As a senior myself, I also compare my freshman year to senior year. As a freshman, I was much less stressed and less mature. It was fun; I was always able to get my work done while being very active in the school community. As I get to my senior year, I’ve realized that it’s a lot more stressful. The workload and the responsibilities are way more than I had to deal with as a freshman. Now, as a senior, I’m just ready to be finished though I do feel that senior year will be a good year. As upperclassmen, we now will be able to influence how the year goes.

Now seeing that the views of freshman year to senior between the three of us are similar, there are things that can be fixed. As senior year approaches, teachers and staff should be a little more lax especially around college application time. They should realize that when students are slowing and burning out, we need time. The workload should be a little lighter and big assignments should have a little more time to be worked on.