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Kahlyse Wright, Staff Writer

The movie Creed III released March 3. This movie is on Adonis Creed who is now retired and thriving with his family. His daughter has gotten older and his wife has started a successful singing career. His childhood friend Damian came home from prison after 18 years. Before going into prison he was going to be the best boxer out, but while Damian was in jail, Adonis became Heavyweight Champion of the world.

After Damian gets out, he wants to prove to Adonis that he should be given a shot. Adonis tries to help Damian out and give him his shot. He then becomes ungrateful and says he doesn’t need him anymore. They both then decide they will have a fight to see who’s really the Heavyweight Champion.

They then prepare for the fight day and night; they’re both working out trying to become better. The fight comes and the two are neck to neck. It came down to the last round which was the 12th round for someone to win.

… perfectly executed.

As I watched this movie, the scene and plot always kept me on the edge of my seat. Some things were implied but were not given until a later point of the movie. The way things were acted out was outstanding. I was able to feel the emotions the characters were feeling.

The way the producer included flashbacks also added to the movie. The flashbacks gave the audience a better understanding of what was happening.

The movie was also very realistic seeing the mentality a lot of people have when they feel abandoned. When Damian went to jail, Adonis did not keep contact due to him being a kid and younger than Damian. However, Damian did write him letters and Adonis’s mom kept them from him, so he would not fall into the wrong crowd. So even though it wasn’t his fault, Damian resented Adonis for abandoning him and wanted to show him how it felt.

If I were to rate the movie out of 10, I would give it a 10. I would definitely watch the movie again.

It was perfectly executed.