Is Chicago Youth Out of Control?


Image by sam99929 from Pixabay

Amarria Jackson, Staff Writer

Last week was one of the best weather weeks that Illinois has seen since about August and of course Chicago went over and beyond to make the best of it. Straight out of school kids were at the parks, beaches, or just walking around enjoying the weather. Chicago youth the last couple years has been a little rowdy when it comes to hot weather but I honestly feel this was the worst it’s ever been. Almost worse than the lotting for about a week. Chicago doesn’t offer much for the youth so they create things for themselves such as; trends, parties, or even throw their own basketball tournaments. In a city where it’s full of youth and not a lot to do for them it will never be a good thing. 

Recently Chicago elected a new mayor and he has a plan to help change the violence and get youth to do different programs. He partially blamed the way Chicago teens acted this past weekend because of lack of opportunities from the community in his statement to Teens were seen beating people up downtown Chicago along with smashing peoples car windows or even kicking them. But there were some good kids down there just doing what kids do. Some people of the neighborhood stated when they were walking downtown they just saw kids being kids on their news interview. 

The question a lot of people are asking is what is the new Mayor Elect Johnson going to do about this. Downtown Chicago is the hotspot for tourists and money making and of course a lot of people question will Chicago lose money because of these incidents. Down at 31st street beach teens got rowdy and kids ended up shot and injured and injured. To me it is very sad that my peers can’t get together and just have fun without any violence occurring. Community activists stressed concerns of funding the police more to help in situations like this. But honestly is giving the police more money really going to help?

I want Chicago teens to do so much better than just looking like we have no home training because we do. I want us to be able to get together and just have fun and enjoy our last teens or young adulthood. Chicago has to offer more opportunities also if this situation is going to get any better.