Will the Suns Win it All?


Tolu Samuels, Staff Writer

For the first time in Phoenix Sun’s history, will they have a chance to bring it all home?

Establishing the organization in 1968 it’s Been over 60 years and yet to make a championship appearance but with this year’s team there chances are looking better than ever. The Suns have made it to the playoffs with having the series 2-1  they have been playing well trying to eliminate the Los Angeles clippers. The Suns having star point guard Chris Paul, 2 guard Devin Booker, and the man in the middle 7 ‘0 wing Kevin Duarant they are in the top pick to become NBA champions this year.

Although the Clippers have star players as well like Russel Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard the Suns still will have a chance to upset them and move up the leaderboard. Although the Suns still haven’t won a championship they have made NBA final appearances like In 1976, and 1993 having two great teams. Many say the Golden state warriors will come out victorious as they have a plethora of  times being 3 time NBA champs in 2015,2017,2018. But having star players Point guard Stephen Curry, Shooting guard Klay Thompson, And Star forward Draymond Green they haven’t been able to put together a championship win in 7 years so the suns may be able to pull through and create an upset.

To win a championship the Suns need more than skill. Although the workouts and all the extra practice works as long as you play as a team and put real heart into the game you could have the possibility to come out victorious. If you saw the Golden State 3 piece you could just tell their team chemistry on the court and how they got along on and off of it. That’s how they came as a unit and were able to bring one home to the Bay. Based on the team they have in the first round the clippers they have a lot of rookies and players that have been traded so there not as close to each other as most of the suns players may be so getting past the first round it will be the second round of whoever the suns get is when the real deal begins. So to wrap it all up what do you think will happen?

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Will the Suns win the NBA Finals?


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Will the suns have an upset and shock the world or stay on their losing streak?