A Parent’s Test


Janiya Jeter, Staff Writer

There is a show on Hulu called, “The Parent Test ” and in this particular episode(Stranger Danger) the parents were discussing their parenting styles and discussing the challenges and fears that they face as a parent. Production’s motive was to allow parents to have an opportunity to get together to discuss challenges that are about the way a family experiences things and works through said challenges. Upon further research it seemed as if the parents allowed production to test their children on “stranger danger” where a member of their team would knock on the families door while the children were in there and the parents not around.

The objective was to see if the children would open the door for the stranger and let them in. All except one child opened the door and let the actor inside.  While the parents were watching, a couple got very triggered from the clips and stepped out. When the couple rejoined the group they expressed that they felt it necessary to speak about these things and that they do not regret the decision to come on the show and talk about this. However, they did not feel like such things should be visual. Alex Maghen states, “Why showing children opening doors is meaningful? Not everything needs to be visual to be real.” 

The family asked this to the host and the host asked did any of the other families agree or disagree with the statement. The Day family shared their thoughts and quotes, “ I kinda feel like if we’re going to be the sacrificial lambs, just a little bit for people to bring this discussion to their children, then I’m okay with that. I will die on that hill because we need these reminders.” I believe that this is significant because it can be very triggering for a parent to watch their child on a tape opening a door for a stranger and letting them inside their home. Though it was a test and none of the acts was real, you have to imagine if it were real.

Regardless of that we can use these clips as examples, as reminders that children may not understand and to show them what they did wrong and how they can fix it. It is an opportunity to put parents’ parenting to the test but also so that they can find a better way to teach their child about these dangers. For children things need to be visual.