Farewell Class of 2023


Janiya Jeter, Staff Writer

The end of high school signifies one of the most significant junctures in a student’s life. After all the hard work, long hours of study, and months of striving towards that diploma or certificate, high school seniors are about to make their first significant transition in life – from high school to college or any other option they decided to take. With the graduation ceremony fast approaching, this is an exciting but daunting time for most seniors. The thought of leaving the comfortable and familiar surroundings of high school and moving on to a new environment with new faces and new responsibilities is a challenge. But as they prepare to embark on a new journey, seniors must embrace this moment with excitement and anticipation. 

Graduating high school means saying farewell to the comfort of our high school friends, our locker rooms, and our favorite student hangouts. It’s a moment of growth when life pushes us out of our comfort zones and into the world of opportunities that await beyond. At college, students will have the chance to explore new academic paths, meet new people, and dive deeper within themselves to uncover their passions and true purpose. This also goes with trades, or military, work force, or even taking a gap year.

Though most seniors may feel anxious or scared to leave high school, college presents us with the final step in the journey of academic achievement. In college, everything is different, and that’s a good thing. The diversification and the rigor required will prepare us for the next chapter of our academic journey, whatever it may be. 

College life isn’t just about classes and the books we read, but also about the people we meet, the friendships we form, the events we attend, and the passions we discover. So while seniors may feel scared, it’s important to remember that the next four years of college will be one of the most transformative and rewarding times of our lives.

Before we all head off into the post-high-school “real world” and go our separate ways, let’s cherish these final days, making the most of each moment. Let’s take time to thank our teachers, our parents, and our peers for everything that they’ve done for us and encourage one another to embrace the next chapter in our lives.

Good luck to all seniors out there, and congratulations to the class of 2023!