Music Prodigy in our Mist


P. Stevens, Publicity Director

Hillcrest sophomore, Jose Marshall, has many musical goals in mind for his future.

“At this time, I am working to achieve one of my goals; I am building my own music studio. I am learning about the equipment needed and the process in my Music Technology Class, taught by Mrs. Mootry, at Hillcrest.   I want to use my talent to become a professional percussionist and music producer,” said Jose.

I love playing drums and writing music. It’s the language that I speak.”

— Jose Marshall

Jose has been playing the drums since he was eight years old and currently plays for the Hazel Crest Assembly Church.  Jose has participated in Hillcrest’s band, choir, and music department.

“When I first hear a new song, I listen repeatedly for meaning and inspiration. When I am composing a song, I like it to reflect my personality and project some meaning into my life.

After visiting Columbia College in Chicago on a field trip, it is my dream and desire to attend the school.  The Columbia School of Fine and Performing Arts has produced some of the world’s most accomplished artists and musicians, and I would love to be amongst that list.

I am grateful to have many people in my life inspiring and pushing me to achieve my dreams.  The Hillcrest Music Department along with my Grandmother, Mrs. Mootry, and Mr. Anderson have been instrumental in my journey,” said Jose.

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