An APPLE Joke (iPad Review)


Ryan Banks, Staff Writer

So, I don’t get this thing. I just do not get it. I think that is important to state up front so people will understand that reading this. It is the first time I really can say I don’t understand the reason for something. Why do freshman in High School get iPads? This is not like the Donald Trump article or the PC master race where I can look at those topics and relate to the people who read them. Even if I don’t agree with everyone’s perspective, I can see where they are coming from. iPads, however, and some of the things people say on how they benefit students are so gushing that it borders on a parade of positive parody.

Apple education- “Something magical happens when you put Apple products in your classroom. You can create unique opportunities for personal learning at every level. Lessons become more immersive through power of touch, motion, and sound.”

Burlington High School- “iPad expands what’s possible inside the classroom and beyond. iPad opens up new opportunities for learning.”

New Trier- “It’s never been easier to put iPad in hands of students and teachers.”

Glenbrook- “iPad creates swift playgrounds and learning materials that will help everyone bring their ideas to life.”

Photo by: m01229 from Photos for Class via CC
Photo by: m01229 from Photos for Class via CC

I don’t hate the iPad outside of school, in fact I like it. I give it about a 7/10, but in school it is nothing more than a distraction as if a smart phone is not distracting enough. I am curious as to why the iPad has so many positive reviews. The problem with the iPad in school is it is a distraction – a huge distraction. The iPad like the iPhone has a addictive feel to it like there are handcuffs around your wrists which is understandable because like your phone you will always be making sure you have it on you.

The iPad does online assignments like the bell ringer, presentations, and google classroom. However, to students the iPad is three things. A video game tablet, Facetime, or a toy. The first is the easiest to explain. You’re either playing NBA 2k16 or fun run. Students have WiFi, so they can connect with their friends in or out of class to play these games together. Sometimes the teacher will catch a student playing the game and other times the students will ignore the lesson and play in the back of the classroom.  The teacher may come around and catch a student every now and then, but the student will continue to play the game. There is no way for a teacher to know whether the student is doing work or playing games. I want to be clear that I’m not criticizing the iPad for having games. I’m not saying that the iPad should have an alarm when you play the game. I’m just trying to say it is hard to know whether everyone is on track when the lesson in class is being taught. iPad can block, delete, or turn off apps in the settings. A student can easily download/unblock any game just like a smartphone. The teachers suffer a lack of control over these devices in school.

camera-943747_640It is a webcam! All iPads have a camera that can be used multiple ways. Facetime is an invention by Apple. Time spent in face to face contact with the camera of another person is Facetime. It goes like this, all freshman students have an iPad. Sit down in the back of the room, put headphones on, and talk low and quiet so the teacher won’t hear you: Is this what you would want in your classroom? I mean, I have not got into everything but having a mobile webcam is in every iPad. Facetime is enjoyable outside school, but it completely distracts the students from learning in school. If you’re a incoming freshman and have not used the iPad, then I have shown you what you will be doing on your device.

twitter-292994_1280The use of technology in school is a great and terrible idea. The problem is some students will use the iPad for education and others will use it for trouble. Technology in school can help students learn better. The internet provides billions of websites to help you: Stories in English class can be read online. You won’t have to worry about keeping a book and a iPad, just your iPad. Presentations can be done on computers and presented on a smartboard or projector.

The internet’s theory is. “It is a new day in age, technology is taking over our social and school life, which is not entirely a bad thing, this is what the human race has dreamed and wanted, life on a screen is better than paper.” That theory is accurate but is not a reason for the use of iPads to me. I just don’t understand where all the perfect 10’s are coming from instead of a masterpiece we are getting a big distraction in most schools.