Hillcrest NHS Continues Traditions


Candles representing the pillars of National Honor Society stand ready to represent Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

Karly Kos, Guest Writer

On November 3rd, more than 30 juniors and seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society at Hillcrest High School. These Inductees went through a long and stressful application process and were successful and made a huge accomplishment in their high school careers.

National Honor Society is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. The National Honor Society is more than just having a high GPA or being on the honor roll; National Honor Society serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the area of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. To be in the National Honor Society, you have to show all these qualities as a student and a person. You cannot just show these qualities in school but also outside of school as well. All 32 inductees showed all these characteristics of the National Honors Society and should be proud to be a part of this group. Leah Tolliver who is a new inductee tells me, “I feel that being inducted into the National Honors Society is a huge accomplishment and I am honored to be a part of this group.”

Before they were inducted the students had to participate in induction week which honored and showed all the pillars of the National Honor Society which are Service, Leadership, Character, and Scholarship. Monday was Character day and the inductees used this day to dress up as a character. Tuesday, they all dressed in college apparel to represent the Scholarship pillar. Wednesday was Service day and inductees wore purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month. The last day was Leadership day and the inductees dressed for success. Also throughout the week inductees raised money to donate to Domestic Abuse Awareness. In addition to dressing up for induction week, the inductees had to remember and be able to recite the pledge of the National Honor Society.

The Induction ceremony was held on the night of November 3rd. The Induction Ceremony was held to honor all those who worked so hard to be inducted into the National Honors Society. There was also a guest speaker, Jason Thomas who is the executive director of 3 seed mentoring, who gave an empowering speech about the importance of service. The Induction Ceremony was beautiful and was a place filled with joy and happiness.

Congratulations to all the amazing candidates that were inducted into the National Honors Society!