Experience The Dream of “A Million Dreams”


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Zaria Wilson, Staff Writer

If you have ever seen the movie “The Greatest Showman” you understand how amazing the story is and how it shows the beauty of believing in your dreams as well as doing what it takes to accomplish them. If you haven’t seen the movie, the movie is about how a man, who wanted to fulfill his dreams of being successful and being able to afford the best for his wife and two daughters, starts a circus without really knowing that that’s what it’s going to turn into.

Throughout the movie, the man and several other characters sing songs that express how they are feeling about the trials they are facing because they are different from everybody else. One song that I absolutely love from this movie and believe everyone should listen to is “A Million Dreams.”

In the movie this is a song that is sung at the beginning of the movie when the main character sings as a young boy about his dreams and his love for the daughter of his dad’s boss. In fact, he and the girl sing the song together, and the song continues as it shows them growing up and facing trials in separate lives but still loving each other by the time they are grown. You can tell that this song is one of the most important in the movie because it repeats later on. The main character and his wife sing this song again later on in a scene with their two children this time, and it’s showing how he’s passing on his beliefs and dreams to his children. The significance of this song is shown because it repeats, and it’s used like a message that he’s got something to fight for and push for.

Your dreams are only ‘A Million Dreams’ away.

One thing I really love about the song is how it plays a part in the movie, as I stated earlier before it gives the man and his family something to push for. The song is a reminder that he’s got dreams he wants to fulfill, and he won’t stop until he’s done it. I find it very inspirational, it makes me think about my dreams and how hard I need to keep pushing to reach them. The music behind the lyrics even give me the same feeling, the music starts calm and goes big and momentous as it hits the chorus and the bridge. It’s like mimicking the feelings you will have in real life when your dreams start coming true. Once you actually begin to listen to the lyrics, you feel the emotion in the song. You understand the story and trials of the person who sang the song, and you begin to relate your on life story and trials to the song. You feel the hope, compassion, and love in the song and it overwhelms you with happiness and whatever emotions you feel about finally reaching your dreams after staying motivated.  The song makes you envision your future and how great it’s going to be as long as you keep dreaming and working for it.

If you are ever feeling down and don’t think you’re going to make it to where you want to be this song is the perfect one to listen to, the song makes you hopeful and relaxed so you can refocus on what’s really important. The song is definitely inspirational and it just brings all your hopes and dreams feel as reachable as they truly are. The story behind the song just makes it more special, thinking about everything the man went through just shows that no matter how tough life is you can take it to reach your dreams.

Even if you make mistakes, all you need to do is pick yourself up, learn your lesson, and keep going after your dreams. You are the most qualified for your dreams because they are your dreams, the song gives off so many positive messages that can help cheer you up any time. Anyone can listen to the song and believe in themselves even if they don’t have a specific dream. In your daily life, you can lose sight of what pushing through life may be for, and I just feel like this is the best song to remind you. There are plenty of songs throughout this movie that gives you great messages, just remember “A Million Dreams” gives you an experience like no other. The most amazing thing about the feelings you’ll experience in this song is that you can imagine and feel it all in your head and your heart. I know that every time I listen to the song I feel happy and motivated to keep fighting for what I want. As you listen to the song just remember, your dreams are only “A Million Dreams” away.