Hillcrest Student Shows Irony in “Beautiful Debris”


“Beautiful Debris” by Kennedy Warfield

P. Stevens, Publicity Director

Kennedy Warfield’s artistic piece, “Beautiful Debris” was chosen to be displayed for an amazing part of history in the “Juried Art” exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry.

The beauty within ourselves among life’s challenge

— Kennedy Warfield

Kennedy began composing her piece “Beautiful Debris” as an assignment for AP Studio Art class at Hillcrest High School.  She has always been fascinated with finding “the beauty within ourselves among life’s challenges.”

Kennedy reflected on her process, “I started by using recycled items: plastic bags, burlap, bottles, old CD’s, nails, and screws.  The piece began to emerge and flow as I had planned. The darkness represents two depictions: how African Americans view themselves and how the media projects the image of African Americans to the broader society. The brightness of the gold, represents the beauty we reflect and should see in ourselves, beauty among the whirlwind of negativity surrounding us.  I wanted to accentuate the word ‘Beauty,’ so I used bold letters.  I added the silhouette of an African American woman to emphasize the overall meaning of the piece.  My intention was to direct the focus of the viewer to the true message I was trying to convey.”

Kennedy’s piece will be displayed in a dedicated gallery at the Museum of Science and Industry’s “Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition” which runs from January 21-February 22, 2015.

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