Bates Motel: Seeing Isn’t Believing



Lamia Lacy, Guest Reviewer

Bates Motel is a Drama/Thriller television show on A&E. Bates Motel is based upon the Hitchcock movie and book Psycho by Robert Bloch. This show can appeal to anyone from  14-70 years of age due to the many plot twists that occur in a small town in Vancouver. However, the small town has many secrets and problems ranging from crooked cops, drugs, sex trafficking to murder. Every new episode has a different surprise in store ranging from a complete plot twist to an unbelievable jaw dropper leaving you begging for another.

The storyline of the show is based around Norman Bates, an 18-year-old boy who suffers from psychological problems that cause him to black out and do unthinkable and unbelievable things. Norman lives with his mother Norma who has an unexplainably strong bond with her son causing her to do anything to keep him safe and out of trouble. However, the more Norma tries to keep Norman’s blackouts a secret from him, the more he becomes distant towards her due to the lack of freedom he has.

Throughout the past three seasons unexplained and unsolved murders have occurred during times of Norman’s blackouts. Those murder become the foundation of conflict between numerous supporting characters because Norma is aware that Norman is different, but she has been in denial that he needs professional help. Norma’s oldest son Dylan is highly aware of his brother’s problem and that he can’t function without Norma. In the past season Dylan told Norma, “I found him in here in the middle of the night cooking breakfast…He was wearing your robe! and then told me I need to go wake up my brother, Norman, for breakfast.He thinks he’s you, Norma.” Norma was gone no more than a day and a half and Norman mentally became Norma to replace her absence.

Throughout the past seasons Norma continues to try to keep Norman from figuring out the things he does when he has his blackouts. Norma told Norman,  “I think that you need help. Help that I cannot give you.” Norma finally admits it to herself when things get out of hand with Norman and she couldn’t give him the medical attention that he needs. Once again, Norma will do whatever it take to keep her son safe by any means necessary: proving her love for her son.

Bates Motel has so many different elements that when the viewer believes that they figured it out  or that the conclusion was that simple, a major plot twist occurs that will have the viewer going back boggling their mind trying to figure out how they missed it or misinterpreted it. A&E has done any and everything and somehow a new plot appears that is crazier than the last. Bates Motel is a show a worth watching; it will keep you on your heels because just when you think you got something figured out, it turns out to be the total opposite or something completely unexpected and even more insane. Bates Motel is really living up to the original Psycho.