“Invisibility” A Poem



Anonymous, Guest Poet

That is me
People have eyes but they couldn’t see
Trapped in the water under the sea
Stuck wondering, how could this be
Help me, now stuck in the tree
Life is charging, pain is the fee
They got the juice, but here is the tea
Can’t do anything suppressed by he
Trying be comfortable, judged by she
Tied down, down on my knee
Uncontrolled anger, can’t channel the chi
Doubted by all, doubted by thee

I wrote this because I feel alone. Everyone that I think I have is only there for a season. None of them sees me for who I really am and none of them care to see me for who I really am. They shut It down because It makes them uncomfortable. They shut It down because it’s too sad. Only see me when they need me. The invisible angel that help, but stay unnoticed. Blind to the truth. I’m invisible because I am unnoticed by all. Unseeing to even myself. Blinded by my truths. Blinded by my lies. Lost within myself. Trapped in a maze.

I somewhat read Invisible Man. All people wanted him to do is listen, conform. They didn’t see his truths or his lies. That made him lose himself. He too was in an everlasting maze. I’m not going to lie I didn’t read the whole book, but the parts I did I feel as if I understood him. I was him. I was the mistreated, the beated. Wanting to crawl into my hole. The main difference is I crawled out my hole. I don’t want to be invisible, I refuse to be invisible.

I will make myself known to all if they like It or not. I’m tired of the mistreatments, the glares. I’m going to make a name for myself and leave a mark on this world. They can judge me, but they can’t stop me. I’m the unstoppable. The skyscraper you can’t take down.