“Rice Rain”

Jordan Jones, Guest Poet

Today’s poetry includes three selections by junior Jordan Jones.  Jordan has been writing poetry for Flight magazine for three years.  She usually writes under a pseudonym, but has given permission to share these pieces using her student name.  Jordan writes from the heart, always.

Additionally, included are beautiful pieces created in art/photography classes.  Thank you for sharing, Mrs. Adebesin Mason!

Rice Rain”  by Jordan Jones

i hide things from you
i hide my pain from you
because i don’t want you to get hurt
i hide my problems from you
because i don’t want you worrying about me
i try to hide my tears from you
because i don’t want you feeling down
i hide my failures from you
because i don’t want you to be disappointed
i hide my hard days from you
because i don’t want to ruin those special nights
i hide my struggles from you
because i don’t want you to struggle with me
yes i hide things but i always tell you i love you
because i know you will be there

under any circumstances  

Loop” by Jordan Jones

With So Many Things
Coming Back in Style
I can’t wait till Loyalty and Morals
Make their way back around 

My Safe Place” by Jordan Jones

Doesn’t Matter
Whether I’m happy or sad or numb
i’ll be coming back to you
every single time
my emotions find their space in you
it feels like home with you
every little thing
feels so much softer
so much sweeter with you
you are my safe place
i really like this feeling
when i’m with you
telling you how much i love you
how i can’t live without you
i find it crazy how one person
can make me feel this way