The Do’s and Don’ts of Senior Year


Eriana James, Guest Writer

The first semester of senior year is finally over!!! Although this is a huge accomplishment for the Class of 2016 at Hillcrest High School, seniors need to be aware that there is still one more semester to go (unless you graduated early). First semester went very well for seniors, but sooner or later the “senioritis” may start to creep up on you and that’s when things become a challenge, so in order to prevent that ~itis from coming, here are a few do’s and don’ts for seniors:


  • Remember this is the year that COUNTS!!
  • Stay focused on the prize: GRADUATION
  • No matter how tempting it might be, always do you work.
  • Stay ACTIVE.
  • If you feel like your “senioritis” is approaching, talk to your friends. Those are the ones to motivate you to keep going


  • Don’t slack because this is the last year
  • Don’t let work go unfinished as every grade counts
  • Don’t stop being involved in school activities
  • Don’t blow off your last year by getting into drama
  • Don’t have a pre-negative mindset because then you won’t be able to enjoy your senior year

With this being said, seniors please don’t blow off your last year because this is the most important year of high school. You will never get this opportunity again to live through this. So why not live through it with excitement and commitment to finish. You will never get this chance to be with this specific class ever again (unless there is a class reunion) so enjoy it while you can. Make it memorable for YOU.