Senior Trip 2017

Senior Trip 2017

David Moore, Guest Columnist

The date was May 5th of the year 2017 (7 days away from Prom and 12 days away from graduation). This would be one of the memorable days when the graduating class would all see each other in a school organized fashion.  The event coordinated for this day would be a boat trip.  Not just any boat trip however, but a boat trip on the Navy Pier.  The ship that would be the setting of this majestic afternoon would be non-other than The Mystic Blue.  This voyage included eating, dancing, and simple communing.

It all started when we boarded the boat with a small group picture of friends with background music being played.  The passengers were given the rules of the ship they boarded.  After this, we settled into our seats and were waiting to be given the food of the trip.  The opening meal of food included hard-shelled beef tacos, macaroni and cheese, chicken, and salads.  After everyone got their wanted first, second, and third helpings, our DJ began to play some dance music, so soon the soon-to-be-graduating students’ feet made acquaintance with the dance floor.

There were a plethora of music played, ranging from old ’70s music to this recent year’s music.  This either shows that music is relative and never really changes its value against the age group hearing it, or that the DJ was older than we all thought.  Shortly into this music being played, the dessert arrived.  The dessert included fruit, brownies, and small cakes.

There was, however, a problem; not that many of the graduates of the year attended.  It wasn’t really known or noticeable at the time, but there were many seats left empty and even in the room, there were less than half of the students that were actually dancing.  That did not stop the rest of us from enjoying this trip.  Even when the boat rocked back and forth, causing a few of us to lose balance, we still danced on the dance floor.  Even when other schools accidentally came to our part of the boat, because this ship did have levels on it, we invited them to dance with us.  There was nothing that could have been done to stop our level of enjoyment.  If anyone says that it wasn’t a fun time are either lying or they were not fortunate enough to attend.  This trip gave students a chance to forget about the troubles of our AP classes, or prom cost, or who will attend the students’ graduation.

It was cold in the morning, and as soon as we left it began to warm up.  We could tell, because it is always colder when someone is near water, but the sun came out as we left the boat, and warmed us up near the water.  It was almost like a sign of acceptance.  At the same time that we came out, so did the sun.

Interviews of the Students who went:

Question 1: If you had the chance to choose whether or not you would go, would you still go?

  1. Yes.
  2. Yeah, of course. I had fun.
  3. Yeah.

Question 2: What would you say was the best part of the trip?

  1. Getting to dance with everyone and get along.
  2. Just being on a boat with my friends. And dancing.
  3. Seeing everyone have fun.

Question 3: What will you remember the most about this trip?

  1. Just being able to be in one spot with everyone and hang out everyone for a last time (before prom/graduation).
  2. Listening to music and being in a lot of fun with friends. Everybody dancing.
  3. A, when she got on the dance floor, unexpectedly.

Question 4: Would you recommend the incoming seniors to go on this trip also?

  1. It gives you a chance to connect with seniors and talk to them if you usually haven’t.
  2. Yeah.
  3. Because it’s a chance to hang out with only the seniors and have a lot of fun.

Interviews of the Teachers who went:

Question 1: How did you view the students acting on the trip?

  1. Students seemed very excited to be out with their friends. They were dressed nicely.  Very attentive and respectful.  And over all they seemed to have a good time.
  2. I think they were good. I think they had a great time.

Question 2: Did you happen to enjoy this trip? Why or why not?

  1. Yes I did. It’s nice to see students outside of the school environment, but it is also nice to see the students have a conversation with an adult on a school day.
  2. I did, because it was relaxing.

Question 3: What would you add or take away from this trip if you had the ability?

  1. I think it would be nice if we had the entire day together. If we were able to spend the entire day together and do more than just the boat trip.   We could have went to the theatre or just more stuff altogether.
  2. Probably, the deadline date for the money should have been moved back, because some of the kids didn’t have the money. More students would have been able to participate.