My High School Experience

My High School Experience

Latoria Mell, Staff Writer

I wasn’t always the most “popular” girl in school. I wasn’t always the most athletic person, and I didn’t have a lot of friends. but the one thing I did have was…comedy. I would always have the other kids laughing and that drew attention. The attention wasn’t always good, but, nonetheless it was attention.

So,  here’s a quick review of what I experienced…

Freshman Year: I was just entering an unfamiliar world where the older kids were intimidating and much taller called, high school. I was excellent academically-wise, but I was not so good of a human being. I was loud, obnoxious,  and rude.

Sophomore Year: I lost a few friends and went through a nasty breakup,  but I was still the same person as last year, minus the loud part.

Junior Year: I went through a lot of deaths during this time in my life. I lost my grandfather, cousin, and grandmother (on my grandad’s side of the family)… And I also spent half a year  being labeled as homeless, so I had matured a lot during this time.

Senior Year: I’m not completely different, but I’m trying to better myself every day, and I’m learning how to become independent and make things happen for me.

…So, as you can see I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for these many different lessons. And if I had to give advice to the freshmen, then it would be: “Keep going no matter what.”