A Step in the Right Direction


Eriola Ayo, Staff Writer

My high school experience is finally ending and graduation is just around the corner. Now that I have made to the end, it makes me a little nostalgic. I remember my first time walking into those Hillcrest doors and starting my new journey. I was scared but excited at the same to take on high school. My freshman year wasn’t my most memorable year of all my four, but it set the foundation of the years to come. I met the first few of my best friends that made my experience all the more memorable especially one friendship with my friend Kaitlyn. Whenever the subject of freshman year comes up, she gets all excited and reminds me how we became friends in Ms. Bucci’s Honors Algebra class. We were to pair up and answer questions; I picked the wrong answer and Kaitlyn let me. Till this day Kaitlyn reminds me of this, and tells me she knew it from the beginning, but never said a word. From there we became close friends and still are. This being one of my favorite memories from freshman year gets me thinking of what I missed. I look back and  I wished I had gotten involved in my school right then and there I would like to see the turn of events that might have occurred.

Sophomore year was more of the same, but I got to meet one of favorite teachers, Mr. Banach, that year. He taught European History, one of the hardest classes that I have taken. At first, the class was one of my most boring. I could hardly stay awake everyday, but Mr. Banach being who he is made that class interactive and enjoyable. We could come to class and genuinely have class discussion out the subjects being taught. He always keep us laughing and didn’t make the content boring. He gave us one of my favorite project: JFK Conspiracy Theory. It was an interesting theory and almost anything could go you just had to provide proof. It was fun seeing everyone come up with these crazy ideas. All the while he was teaching us about history while keeping us engaged and excited to learn something sadly most teachers can’t do but he managed.

Throughout the year, I also started to add to my friend group. Everyday in gym was something I looked forward to; there was never a day that I can remember that I hated going with all of my friends there with me it was never a dull day. I even joined volleyball that year; it kicked my butt every day in practice, but I wouldn’t have changed it if I could. I was starting to get more involved in school and I enjoyed it.

Of junior year, I can honestly say that this was my favorite year. Looking back, I can’t tell you exactly why it was my most memorable year. But I can tell you that I felt as though everything was going perfect. All of my classes were great I had all my classes with my friendship, of my teachers were for the most part great especially Ms. Snyder; she was almost like a second mom at school for me. Whenever there was a problem, she would be there to listen and talk. She is still that way now, and I appreciate all she did my junior year and even now my senior year: I thank her. Junior year was just right; I joined even more clubs this year, and I was more involved than ever. Football games, basketball games, and spirit showdown you name it I tried to be there. Even when I had some let downs that year with me being in the hospital and not getting into NHS the first time, this was when I was most content.

Senior year was something that as a junior I couldn’t wait for, but I don’t think I was quite ready for. I saw the worst parts of procrastination come out of me this year. It seem like I had no time this year. College applications took over my senior year and stressed me out till December, and I’m so grateful that it’s over. I didn’t get into my number one school UCLA, but I’m not disappointed. My decision to attend University of Missouri was something felt comfortable going into. When I committed to Missouri, I felt the sense of content that I felt in junior year, I felt that I took the step in the right direction. A step to the future ahead of me. I truly don’t regret a single year of high school; I can look back and wish I did things differently, but in honesty if I had the chance. I probably wouldn’t take it because I’m happy with my outcome. I’ve made it to the end in one piece and on the way to college.

If I could give a piece of advice to anyone in high school now, I would say enjoy your time while you have it because it will flash before your eyes before you know it. It’s what you make of your experience; you have to want to make this a time to look back on and say you’ve grown. High school shouldn’t be remembered as a time of regrets.

Live your life to the fullest and enjoy what you have as you have it.