Hillcrest Chemistry Students Take Ski Trip

Melodie Slaughter, Tatyana Turner, Danielle Douglas, and Jovencio Daguio in their ski gear!

Melodie Slaughter, Tatyana Turner, Danielle Douglas, and Jovencio Daguio in their ski gear!

Jovencio Daguio Jr., Staff Writer

On February 22, 2019, Chemistry students from Hillcrest High School had an amazing opportunity to ski at the Snowstar Resort in Andalusia, IL. Approximately 40 individuals taking chemistry including that of AP and Honors attended the field trip. Chemistry advisor, Ms. Tate, has been trying to get students to ski at the resort every single year and never failed to succeed. The resort has been welcoming the school for many years according to Ms. Tate. The purpose of this trip was to allow students to have a great and exciting time but also relate skiing to the concepts of chemistry.

Bunny slope at Snowstar in Andalusia, IL.

Snowstar, having helpful instructors and safe equipment, is a winter park that is located in Andalusia, IL. Furthermore, the resort offers alpine skiing and freestyle terrain park. They also offer training and certified instruction for both alpine skiing and snowboarding. From the little dipper to the big dipper, Snowstar always has something for the skiers to enjoy. Even though some might feel unsafe going down steep slopes, Snowstar already got everything planned out so that everybody, experts or non-experts, could have fun every single minute of their visit.

Ms. Tate mentioned that “As a learning enrichment and an extension to the chemical reactions and thermochemistry curriculum, the ski trip was an opportunity to see chemical reactions in real life. She also said that it “provides a more enduring understanding of why matter undergo reactions and the difference between physical /chemical changes” to students. She was excited to see the students having a good time.

I have interviewed a couple of students that attended the trip and asked about what their thoughts were, what they learned, and what they found interesting about the trip.

Danielle Douglas getting ready to go skiing at Andalusia, IL.

Danielle Douglas, an AP Chemistry student, thought that the trip was “fun” and that “it was easier than what [she] thought it would be.” Douglas continued by saying that she “learned that you just gotta keep trying and you’ll get through it.” In contrast to what Douglas felt, Tatyana Turner, also an AP Chemistry student, thought different. Turner mentioned that “skiing is way harder than it looks. It definitely uses a lot of leg and arm muscle to ski.” Turner felt as if she was doing a workout while skiing. She also stated that she “learned that no matter what to always get back up and try again.” Though with opposing views on skiing, both Douglas and Turner said that they had a good time especially not attending school at the moment and hanging out with close friends.

Jennifer Bravo, a sophomore at Hillcrest High School, had her take on the trip as well. Bravo did not only have a great time but “learned that skiing can relate to chemistry through the endothermic and exothermic reactions.” Aside from Bravo finding the trip educational, Emmanuel White and Asher Curtman, had different views from Bravo. White and Curtman stated that they weren’t “even focusing of education and was just trying to have a good time.” Both found the trip to be “scary” and “hurtful” but eventually got the hang of it. White said that he would like “to go to Snowstar again” and Curtman said that he is happy to say that he “had a good experience” and be able to say that he “experienced skiing for the first time.”

Lastly, Melodie Slaughter, another AP Chemistry student, had a very detailed take on this trip. Slaughter felt that the trip “was good.” She continues to state that “side slipping on the hills was kind of hard to do but then [she] got it.” Slaughter said that she “fell once on the small slopes” and after that it made her “feel really good inside.” She found the certified training and instruction very helpful. Slaughter “learned to continue to to try” and gave some awesome words of wisdom to “just repeat to yourself that you can do it even though you may feel like your going to fall and that falling is okay.”

Though the trip is “a great educational and enriching activity for students” it is a bit costly for some students and as a result many students are unable to attend for financial reasons.” according to Ms. Tate.

Being able to see that students are completely amazed and enjoyed themselves is really rewarding to the advisors. The trip was intended to relax students and take the time to hang out with friends. It was supposed to be a stress reliever which was apparent in some of the student responses.

Students pushing themselves to try new things that they haven’t done before makes them stand out as individuals. It shows that taking risks and being adventurous is healthy and good for building character.