The Final Countdown

As the first term of the school year comes to a close, how will you prepare yourself for finals?


Image by kmicican from Pixabay

Alexis Allen, Staff Writer

Final exams are some of the most anticipated assignments of each semester. In a lot of cases, a final exam can make or break a students grades. Remembering topics from August can be very difficult. I interviewed my AP Literature and Composition teacher Mr. Fitch on how he plans to prepare his AP students for the final. “Since many of my students are final exempt due to them being SAT scholars, there won’t be as many students to prepare, but those who will be taking the final I will give a short summary of what to expect and tell them what past assignments that have already been done in class to look over and study.”

Teachers helping students review is very beneficial in preparing students for the final.

— Alleah Morgan

How to prepare for before your final exams:

  1. Ask your teachers as soon as possible to pass out their final review packets
  2. Start your review well before the final so you can ask questions about the topics you forgot
  3. Look over old test and see what mistakes you should correct
  4. For classes that have heavy components of vocabulary make a Quizlet or create your own flashcards to help you remember the words
  5. Have a study group with other members of your class in the school library or even at your local coffee shop.
  6. Go to after school tutoring for extra help

Studying is a huge component to helping you be prepared for finals; the longer you wait to study, the more stressful it will be. Studying for at least an hour everyday leading up to finals is better than trying to cram the day before.  The more time you put into studying the better your results will be. Studying can at times sound boring, but you have to do what appeals to you. If your teacher has you write notes to help for your final, try using colorful pens or pencils to make note taking fun.

I asked my fellow senior classmate Jaedah Franks how she is preparing herself for finals. “Whew ! Finals… As a Senior that has to take them it’s stressful. Managing studying, college essays, and just the anxiety of it all is a lot to juggle. In my opinion, finals are the make it or break it. How much did I really retain this semester? Knowing that I could’ve done better on my SAT would have exempted me from finals shows I could’ve pushed a little harder.”

After studying there are many other components in being prepared for finals, another huge aspect of being successful during finals week is to take care of yourself. Here’s some self care tips for finals as well:

  1. Get good sleep days before the final a well rested body is most efficient
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning
  3. Stay away from junk food eat good brain foods like fruits and vegetables
  4. Cut down on screen time to maximize time in your day the less breaks you take the more time you have to get those last minute assignments out of the way.
  5. JUST RELAX! Don’t overthink and anticipate your final exam it only makes it worse

Being well rested and well prepared will also give you more confidence so studying and taking care of your is very beneficial. I know what your thinking that theses are the tips that everyone gives but why are they important in the first place. A healthy breakfast is important due to the fact that when you first wake up your blood sugar is too low to make your muscles and brain work at your best. Eating a good breakfast regulates your blood sugar and improves brain function

 I know using your phone and staying up to date with what is happening on social media is important but decreasing screen time is important because research has proven that when you are doing a task that involves memorization or problem solving less screen time improves brain function.

Last, but not least, you also need tips for the day of finals:

  1. Make sure you have everything you need for your test pens, pencils, and any assignments that are due like your final review guides.
  2. Be early! Get to school with enough time to get to your class and take a breather before starting the test.
  3. Once you have the test take your time don’t rush moving too fast can cause you to make small but costly mistakes.
  4. Don’t try to cheat if you are cart your entire test can be voided and put in as a failing grade.
  5. Remember to do your best you can do it !

Now, I have given all the tricks and tips to being successful on your finals.

Make sure you apply them, and, once you ace them all, don’t forget to thank me!