Alauna Rupert, Staff Writer

No matter where a school is located – no matter how much money is poured into the school, one thing a school can not buy is student pride. That is one thing that shines about Hillcrest. Most of our students wake up and bleed blue.

There are a multitude of factors why students love their schools. As my senior year is quickly coming to an end, I have been thinking about how much I loved going to Hillcrest. Personally, I could not imagine going to any other school. Hillcrest has been a home for me for the last four years, and I know I am not the only one who has felt this. I decided to sit down with a few seniors and have a conversation with them on why they love Hillcrest and why they love being a Hawk. 

Rafiat Yarrow: “I love our school spirit! I like how we come together as a school, especially when we play our rival teams.”

On February 28th, We Hawks came out to watch our boys basketball team play at Oak Forest for the title of conference champions. The Oak Forest gym was filled to the brim and our school spirit was unmatched. Hillcrest ended up winning that game with a score of 66-59. 

 James Edgecombe: “It’s a wonderful sight when the kids come together for a common cause.”

The Hillcrest girls basketball team came together twice to volunteer at a food pantry. The team volunteered their time at Hillcrest Baptist Church on December 7th and January 11th. It’s a beautiful sight seeing a basketball team come together for an activity outside of sports, especially when this activity helps the less fortunate.

Daveonna Campbell: “I like the teachers and the staff.”

Jasai Kimsey: “I like how the teachers actually want to teach their students.”

So many of our teachers show up with the drive to try to provide their students with the best education possible. Teachers at Hillcrest work hard to help their students understand the curriculum. Most teachers at this school want to see their students succeed no matter what.

Malik Hall: “It’s a really uplifting environment. Everyone supports each other.” 

Chayill Williams: “I like how our school feels like one family.” 

Alexis Allen: “I love being a Hawk because it’s like we are one big family. We know how to come together, especially when it comes to big sports events. Our Hawk pride is unmatched! Even though I can’t wait to graduate, I know I will forever bleed blue and be proud to be an alumni of Hillcrest.” 

This was an amazing way to describe the Hawk experience. No matter how you feel about Hillcrest, there is no other place that can make you feel like this. Hillcrest pride really is unmatched! I know that other schools envy our spirit.

At the end of the day, every school has their problems. I am not saying that Hillcrest is perfect by any means; I am just saying that Hillcrest is the best school in my opinion because of how much our students love going here.

I know so many people who are proud to call themselves a Hawk. A Hawk is more than a mascot to me; it is a way of life. Being a Hawk means that I wake up every morning and work my hardest to represent my school in the best way possible. I am so glad that I was able to call Hillcrest my home for the last four years, and I will forever represent Hillcrest throughout the rest of my life.

It truly has been an honor to go here.