The Effects of the Coronavirus


Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Chayill Williams, Staff Writer

I believe the single most important problem in society today is the Coronavirus outbreak. In a worldwide case study, there have been 724,950+ cases of COVID-19. The United States is the most infected country with 112,560 cases and still counting. In Chicago, there have been 46,000 confirmed cases and, in Cook County specifically, 14,929 cases. This virus has affected people in many different ways, such as social distancing, quarantining, death, illness, canceling important events, and closing down establishments.

One of the issues this virus has caused is closing down places of employment. Adults are not working and are not able to make enough money to support themselves and their families. Unless they are on paid leave, workers have to save up whatever money they have and ration their food so that they can survive. Since we as people have to practice social distancing and self quarantine, establishments like movie theaters, restaurants, and libraries have closed their doors.

This has proved to be a problem for many people because they are forced to be bound to their homes; however, it is only for their safety and well being. For the safety of the homeless, they are being placed in shelters and being provided food, so that they are not vulnerable to the disease.

Grocery stores are not fully stocked due to people stocking up their homes. They have begun to run out of toilet paper, water, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant, as well as other food and wellness products. As one can see, this pandemic has attacked the way of life we have become accustomed to. Although this is a major issue, I believe that if the government can find a cure, and we are to follow directions and stay safe, we will be able to beat this virus and life will be back to normal.

Another problem this pandemic has brought on is the closing of schools and colleges. Children are missing school days essential for their learning and development. Not only are kids losing valuable days of classroom learning, they are also not able to communicate with their school friends. Some children and young adults are not fortunate to live in loving and safe environments; schools in most cases have become a safe haven for them away from problems they are having at home. Now that schools are closing, not only is learning being halted, but the safety of children has also become a problem.

This has also affected college students because with only two months of school left, their year has been cut short. I feel that the most impacted of all college students would have to be seniors. For them, their last year of college has stopped abruptly and even though they will still receive their degrees, the opportunity to walk across the stage for graduation has been taken away from them.

As a high school senior, I know this school shut down has affected a lot of people my age. I have friends who are in private high schools that may still have to make up days of school because of this pandemic. To do all of this work and still have the possibility of prom and graduation being canceled has taken a toll on us. To not be able to dress up for prom, not be able to celebrate our last days as high schoolers, and to not be able to walk across a stage and accept our diplomas, after putting in twelve years of learning and hard work is upsetting. As incoming college freshmen, we don’t know if we are going to be able to attend college in the Fall.