Voting is Important


Image by conolan from Pixabay

Kyla Elliott, Staff Writer

Who do you have winning the next Presidential Election? We all know that the 2020 election will be here soon, and many of us will be able to vote. Now choosing a good president is going to take a lot of hard decision making, but we also have to be willing to vote to make a change in our country. So who would you like to see in the big house running this country the right way? The past four years have been a struggle from North Korean threats to the government shutdown and with the current president we have now, it would be likely to happen again. Some of the Democratic candidates that we have are promising, but if you support Republicanism then you may disagree. So I encourage you guys to go out and vote, so the next four years isn’t a worry.

 I know you may think that voting isn’t important because maybe your vote wouldn’t matter, but that isn’t true.  Everyone’s votes matter and that is what will change this nation. As it is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, voting is an “expression of opinion or preference.” This goes to show that your vote actually does matter because it’s based off of what you think may be right or wrong. “

Presidents, judges, mayors and governors are all voted upon by the general population; and if not, they are decided by elected officials.” (The Importance of Voting by Hattie Lindell) Voting is important for all people in this nation and we need to be prepared to find the next leader of this country. So listen to the advertisements on your TV screen and get out there and register to vote. You can go to your local DMV and register online. Be the change in America that everyone wants to see. We have to set an example for the next generations and show them that their opinions matter too and we have to continue  this years later. We have to remember the time where we couldn’t vote because our opinions didn’t matter and use that as fuel now. We have an opportunity now to voice our opinions and get to the goal we all have been waiting for so long. A nation doesn’t change overnight, but with our votes, we could change it for years to come.

Another reason voting is important is that there is a lot of young people like us across the nation that have removed themselves from this important process. That is a lot of people! Just imagine if all of those people voted for the next election, there would be no problem choosing a President of our choice because we all contributed to putting that person in office.

Take a look at the Presidential debates, democratic debates or republican debates if you will. Learn about the different ideas of these very different individuals and see which one you would like to see in the White House next year running this country. Do your research instead of looking for answers through social media because quite frankly, those people on the internet really don’t have a clue what is really takes to be a good President. Educate yourself on this process and these individuals. Make your decision based off of these events and you will not have a problem choosing the right President. Encourage your friends or even family for that matter to get out there and express their opinions of whom they feel needs to be in office. We have all seen the consequences of not voting and I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want a repeat. Again educate, encourage, and research so that this process can come easier. 

Like I said above, picking a president isn’t going to be easy, but if we prepare ourselves and become willing to see the change in this nation, we will be okay. So start asking questions now. Ask your friends what their views are on the voting process and who they feel should be in office. Ask teachers or any older adults around you what they think  because they can certainly help with this process. Be willing to seek change instead of sitting back and watching other people do the work because it honestly doesn’t matter who we wouldn’t want in office if we don’t vote. Make your opinion matter and go vote!

Be smart, instead of complaining about who we have in office now and plan ahead for the future President we will have in the upcoming year. You never know which one of the candidates might have the same opinion as you.  Life’s too short to let go of something that could potentially shape the lives of the next generation to come. So let’s band together and vote for the next President in 2020 and make sure it’s a good one.