Corona Season Activities


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Essence Knighten-EL, Staff Writer

‘Tis the season all around, and upon every boy and girl’s face is a frown. Why might that be, you may ask…there’s no winter sports going on because corona stopped that plan. 

There’s no doubt that this school year is like no other. During the fall, most schools were transitioning into hybrid mode for remote learning. Because of this, sports were able to begin and students were able to return to some sort of a normal school year. Cross country, football, tennis, and other sports were being played, with the only requirement being that we had to wear masks. During that brief period of time, we students thought and hoped that we would be able to continue playing sports throughout the entirety of the school year, or at least a majority of it. Yet, it seems like Corona had other plans. 

As an athlete myself, not being able to play sports during my senior year of high school has been a little discouraging. Mainly because sports and other after school activities are what makes school a little bit more bearable and more entertaining. Extracurricular activities are not only helpful for making school a bit easier to get through, but it is also helpful for kids that are struggling at home. Some kids use school and after school activities as an escape. With all activities being temporarily canceled, those kids are forced to be somewhere they might not really want to be. 

However, this doesn’t only apply to high school students. This applies to middle school students, elementary school students, and college students. Also, those who volunteer as well as professional sports games because no longer are spectators and fans allowed to go watch the games live in the stadiums. Corona has affected several people’s lives and put many people’s lives on hold for a while. So, I took it upon myself to ask several people of various ages how they feel about corona preventing and hopefully, temporarily canceling activities and this is what they had to say:

David, who goes to Chateaux Elementary School said, “I feel like it’s just going to be boring without the school activities. Because all of your fun activities that were at the school are now gone.”

I feel deflated, I feel like there shouldn’t be a reason why we can’t just wear a mask and play sports and do activities.

— Alonzo, Chateaux Elementary School student

Troi, who goes to Hansberry College Prep said, “I was mad because I wanted to try out for volleyball this year.”

Jasmine, who goes to Hillcrest High School said, “Sports was my entire motivation for school to be honest. I feel like I’m missing a part of myself without being able to play anything for so long you know? Like i get why they temporarily canceled it and all, but i feel like this is so much time that I’m not going to get back.”

Nina, who goes to Crete Monee High School said, “I hate it. I was looking forward to playing basketball for my sophomore year.”

Crishawn, who goes to Baker College Prep high school said, “It’s bogus but then again safe.”

Josh, who goes to Rich South said, “I think that the game was ruined because all of the fans make the game. I mean they can still play the games but playing in an empty gym without any fans is really what killed the game.”

As you can see from the response of several different aged students, activities and sports is what made them go to school and actually participate in different things. The reason for why we can’t right now is understandable, of course; it’s just not quite fair because now the joy is gone and we may not get it back for a while.