Do We Need Five-Day School Weeks?


Image by Michael McGuire from Pixabay

Amari Stokes, Staff Writer

For 13 years of their life, every student across America has to wake up five days a week– every week. While all of them were forced to comply, many wish their schedule was shorter. There are schools across the country that have already started to implement the 4-day school week, some have been using it for years.

According to classmate Kahlyse Wright. “A four-day week would allow for an extra day to get work done; it would also give a mental day and time off from the stressful hustle and bustle school day.”  Many students express this sentiment that they do not have enough time to themselves with the five-day school week especially in their senior year of school when most students are starting to take on more responsibility outside of school life. A four-day school week would make jobs, college applications, and extracurricular activities a lot less stressful.

I have a job and responsibilities that take up a lot of my time, so that extra day would give me that time for relaxation that I feel like I need.

— Shakilah Green

Students all across the country have also expressed, especially on the internet, that a four-day school week would give them time to focus on themselves that otherwise they wouldn’t have. Senior Jonae Spinks reflected, “It would give me more time to focus on myself and my mental health. It would give me  a chance to complete more school work… A four-day school week would definitely make me feel happier and calmer when it comes to my attitude towards school.”

All of my classmates that I spoke to expressed that they would use this extra day to work at their jobs. A four-day school week would obviously benefit students who work as they take on more adult responsibilities. Coron Flowers weighed in on the topic; “Yes, I would like a four-day school week because I would have more free time. I would work at my job with the extra day off. I would also use the extra day as a mental health/self care day to focus on myself.” 

 Likewise Shakilah Green suggested, “It would give me time to relax that I don’t have during a five-day school week. I have a job and responsibilities that take up a lot of my time, so that extra day would give me that time for relaxation that I feel like I need.” Like Shakilah, some students feel that they need the extra day off to do absolutely nothing, and that is valid. With an already hectic schedule a fifth day of school can just be too much for a student to handle. 

Lastly, I then spoke to one of my teachers, Mr. Fitch, about how he feels on the topic. “I could see real benefits in that [a four-day week]. I believe there would be real benefits to having in-person school four days a week and using that fifth day as a check-up/catch-up day, so teachers could use that for students who need extra assistance.” Teachers all across the country have voiced similar sentiments. The extra day off would not only alleviate stress from students, but also help teachers manage their time with students and work under less stressful circumstances at home.

It seems it is evident that not all students need to be at school for five days a week their whole childhood.

A four-day work week would benefit millions of children who can’t even comprehend how much they need it.