College Application: To Apply Or To Not Apply


Image by Ag Ku from Pixabay

Aryanna McKenney, Staff Writer

Our college experience is right around the corner.

Have you figured out where you want to go? 

Personally, it’s nothing like what I thought it would be.

Senior year is not a piece of cake but more like a jawbreaker full of stress. From transcripts to acceptance letters, this time is very stressful.

I asked a few students how they are dealing with this time in their lives. When asked what’s the hardest part of college applications. Kayce Mayo stated, “Everything! Even after you do everything you still have to make sure they have your transcripts and a whole bunch of other things”. 

Do you know what else makes this time very difficult….Homework!

How am I expected to complete applications while juggling a full workload?

It’s assignment after assignment with no breaks. I can’t go to college if I don’t have good grades, but I can’t go to college if I can’t make time to apply. Many seniors have jobs and have to manage work and school work.

I feel as if I was prepared in my junior year for what was to come. I asked a junior how his/her senior peers warned him/helped him with his future college plans, he stated, “My senior peers are the reason I’m still in school today. They inspire me to chase. my dreams and admirations. I have been touched by their love for kids and their willingness to help others get to the next level. Whatever it may be in their lives. Because of them, I have already started scholarships and even my financial aid. I am a junior and can’t wait to become a senior. I am comfortable going into my senior year because I have the knowledge that was given to me by my fellow upperclassman”

Are you feeling sick from school? You may have senioritis!

Personally, I am over the school. At least my high school experience with all the stress is making me not even want to come to school. I felt this way ever since my junior year when we came back from an online school. I miss doing schoolwork in my bed.  My classmate Mari agrees, “I feel like senioritis started junior year because we were online and came back, so we were used to being at home. So when we came back, we were overwhelmed with so much and never got back into the groove of being in in-person school.”

Stay calm seniors, May is right around the corner.

Try and enjoy your senior year while you can.