Good Morning Hillcrest!


Cheriden George prepares to recite the morning announcements. (2/23/23)

Cheriden George, Staff Writer

There’s no better feeling than having a great start to your day. Getting a great start to your morning will always give you a great outlook of the rest of your day. Doing the morning announcements really brightens my own day, but I never realized it helped others get their days on the move. 

Morning announcements begin at 9:15 every morning; the announcements cover news for the week. Announcements can be sent in by anyone. The announcements are a way of keeping people in the know and also allowing positive vibes to be sent out in the morning. The announcements begin with the same introduction, but on some days  I add my own spin. It is a must we say the pledge and allow a moment of silence. Clubs and certain staff members have additional announcements, while I just add on small positive messages, and my enthusiasm. 

Hillcrest isn’t the first school where I’ve done announcements. In middle school, I did announcements everyday. I was known as the Southwood Middle School morning announcer. I’ve always loved speaking out and just spreading my positive energy. 

Hillcrest has not always had morning announcements, and some think of announcements as a disruption. My junior year of high school (2021-2022) we had no morning announcements. Going a year without hearing announcements was no good! It was hard to keep up with events and know what was happening around the school. I’m one of the many students who enjoy doing things around school. As student council president, I made the suggestion to have at least a short morning announcement. My needs were met but not until the 2022-2023 school year.

Announcements began the second week of school, but I wasn’t doing them. I was concerned because previous announcers were quiet, but the assistant principal offered me the position. I was excited yet nervous because I hadn’t done it in a while. After the first day of announcing, I received positive feedback. I was being discussed in classrooms, teachers meetings, and all around. They all love my enthusiasm.

I always begin my announcements with the highest tone saying, “GOOOOOOD MORNINGGGG HILLCREST!” That is a must for me because I want students to actually listen and hear whatever I am announcing.

In the end, I can say I learned that announcements really matter. It’s a must to keep students and even staff members in the know.

Hearing an enthusiastic voice can really be a breath of fresh air.