Why Seniors Need Motivation

Kahlyse Wright, Staff Writer

Motivation is something very important that everyone needs because it provides you with goals to work towards, helps solve problems, and changes old habits. It also makes a person happier than what they felt before.

Motivation can be anything that gives someone a reason or desire to do something. When it comes to senior year, there has to be a lot of motivation towards the end. A lot of seniors end up with “senioritis”  which is characterized by a decline in motivation or performance overall. It also leads you to be constantly exhausted and unmotivated to finish projects, work and study as it comes closer to graduation. This will lead grades to drop drastically, procrastination, and not completing assignments. 

As a senior myself, I have experienced senioritis. At the beginning of the year, I was motivated. I would get my work done quickly and would have high energy. I participated in everything and enjoyed it.

As the second semester came, I had high hopes thinking “the year is almost over – just finish it out.” Though as the semester has progressed, I’ve had little motivation. I’ve been procrastinating and not completing easy assignments as quickly as I would have during the first semester. My energy is low and I’m pretty burnt out with all the work needed to be done. As semester two is almost coming to an end, I realize I need to pick it up. 

When I talk to other seniors in my class, they all have the same response about the second semester. They say “I’m burnt out” or “I’m exhausted.” I’ve also heard from many students that they need time to catch up on work in hopes the teachers would slow down on assigning things. They’ve also voiced that there’s little to no motivation this semester. They don’t have the energy to keep up with the same things they were able to keep up with in the previous semester.

As seniors, we know college is not easy and teachers are just trying to prepare us, but there’s no motivation behind it to keep us going.