Prom Season


Amarria Jackson, Senior Staff Writer

 In the Black culture, prom season is one of the biggest events of the year & I know it’s only high school, but we treat it like it’s the Met Gala, Red Carpet, or even the Oscars. Usually teens plan prom for months on top of months or sometimes it even starts the year before. Prom brings families together for a special moment that’ll last just an hour but with very good memories. For Prom, you have to have the car, the hair, the look, the personal stylist, the designer, and the shoe that just tops everything off. 

Prom has brought culture to the African American community and is something everyone looks forward to year after year. You might see goats or any other type of animal at prom. Nowadays, you just don’t know! Prom makes you feel like a star. For girls, the feeling of looking pretty and princess treatment is all they look for in that one special night. For boys, you get to drive the car of your dreams and see what it’ll feel like when it really happens. You soak it in that you’re really growing up and that play of high school days are over. It’s surreal but real moments at the same time. 

On top of all the good, prom season is really scary: from the car accidents, to the robberies, and the shootings. Teens sometimes fear for their life. With already losing teens in the class of 2023, either coming from or going to prom is already scary and prom season just has begun. Every year countless teens, lose their lives from car accidents during this time. I want to say that you should avoid drinking, smoking, or even being sleepy driving. Let’s make it to graduation and trunk parties. Prom is supposed to be a time of joy and not a time of sadness and sorrow. 

With Chicago-area proms starting April 28th, all we can do is pray for good things. The Chicago-area teens of 2023 have this style to them. It’s a fresh, raw, and unique style that makes them different from any other class. Their personal styles are unique, so it makes you anxious to see how they are going to correlate with dates and people. This class can seriously dress!

Being a part of this prom season this year is so exciting. Everybody’s been waiting on this set of kids; the people want to see what the talk is all about.

I think we got it. Let’s just say the best will be May12th. Prom season is here. Let’s show we’re the last best class.