Hillcrest HS Drama Group performs Emma!


Danielle Jensen

Savannah Wooden and Jada Roberts perform in the HHS Drama Group’s performance of Emma!

Danielle Jensen

Danielle Jensen, Guest Reviewer

The Hillcrest High school Drama Group presented Emma! on Friday, November 20, 2015.

The play is about a girl named Emma (Jada Roberts ’16) who thinks she knows everything about everything, especially when it comes to love. Emma plays match maker in her school after she successfully paired up her teachers that went on to get married. Her friend Harriet (Savannah Wooden ’16) likes Martin (Nia Brown); a poor dish washer who can barely afford to go to their high school. Emma feels that Phillip (Sheena Jones ’16), the class president, will be a better fit for Harriet because of his good reputation. Phillip only cares about himself. Emma finds herself falling in love with Frankie (Kayana McKinney), a returning rock star.

Emma can be blind at times especially when it comes to Jeff (Moriam Yarrow ’16) her friend who secretly has a crush on her. Jeff teaches her the important lesson of letting everyone find their own happiness.

This musical had songs that helped tell the story of Emma. Jada Roberts as Emma sang hits like: “How will I know?,” “King of Anything,” “Roar,” “Brave,” and “Unwritten.”

One of the most heartfelt plays I have ever seen, Hillcrest High School Drama Group’s play Emma! will have you laughing and singing along.

I would rate it four stars.