Hillcrest Golf Finds Success

“Putt, putt, putt!”


Ahnia Ricks, Guest Writer

Hillcrest’s head golf coach, Eric Johnson, truly believes putting is the key to a successful golfing career. Instilling in his players the importance of the short game, Johnson constantly ensures his golfers’ putting is where the scoring is. Every practice he has his players spend forty-five of the ninety minutes practicing putting, executing drill after drill until they can putt consistently. When the team putts consistently, scores drop.

Coach Johnson is a man who doesn’t settle for mediocrity. He works with us to improve our everyday skills.

— Jarret Campbell

Although putting is where you score, Johnson’s main priority is teaching the team the importance of being a truly well-rounded golfer; he not only teaches the team about the short game, but also educates them on long game, proper etiquette, and pace of play. He and Coach Youngberg constantly help their players correct hitches in their swing such as slicing, crossing the body, coming too far inside, and alignment; they are able to spot and correct every issue as long as the players are willing to listen. Johnson and Youngberg also remind their team to tuck their shirts in and play smart and fast. It is the superior efforts they put into training the team properly that have led the Hawks to victories over Bremen (twice), Rich South, Rich East, and Rich Central.

Johnson’s and Youngberg’s efforts have not only lead their team to five wins but have impacted their team’s performance as well. Christian Grady states, “Johnson taught me the importance of having a steady and relaxed golf routine.”

Sure he may be hard on us, but in the long run, it’s all worth it. With our assistant coach, Mrs. Youngberg I can see this team going places especially for the near future. Their efforts have truly left a remarkable impact on their team.