Hawks Playoff Journey


Damonte Mccorkle, Guest Writer

The race to make the playoff was a hard task for Hillcrest Hawks boys to make. but they did it going 7-2: making history with 5 shutouts in one season, going through the process and becoming better, working harder and becoming more physical and just trying to make the school proud.

The key to moving forward and making the playoff run has been to become more disciplined in all aspects, not just football but also the classroom.

— Coach Cole

The Hawks are disciplined and held to high standards in the school: no tardies being allowed, always focusing and coach Marquice Cole holding them to these higher standards. Having the goal of trying to make it make a playoff appearance and just staying focused and understanding for every consequence that was given there was reasoning behind it, made the players better, wiser and made them have a purpose for everything they did. There were times when things wasn’t going right and they just went to the drawing board and made the task easier. The Hawks were supported by the community, students, alumni, the faculty and just everyone that was apart of the Hillcrest Hawk Family.

Marcus Garrett has 1,000 rushing yards. When asked, “How do yo manage not to give up in games even when down or when the game plan isn’t going your way? What’s your mindset during those situations?”

He replied, “I try not to worry about the previous play forget about it and move on to the next play and work and do better than you just did.”

There have been times where their backs have been against the wall; no matter how many times that happened, they keep a positive mindset, and just worked as hard as they could to not stomach the bad thoughts. It wasn’t an easy process facing two teams that put their backs to the wall. They stayed focused moved on and just tried to stay focused to become better and just work as hard as they could every week, so they could take a step forward. Everyone on the team made everyone better, and they all strove to be better than the were the day before.

I asked Coach Marquice Cole, “What’s been the key as far as moving forward and making a playoff run? What’s been the motivation you’ve given your players during the season at good and bad times?”

He responded, “to come out and play hard and play disciplined with the goal to go 1-0 each week.”I’ve explained to the players that motivation comes from within, no big speeches just tell them what’s at stake and help guide the guys in the direction to reach each goal.

I also asked Coach Cole, “What’s been the key as far as moving forward and making it the playoff run?”

“The key to moving forward and making the playoff run has been to become more disciplined in all aspects, not just football but also the classroom. I think the more we have become disciplined individuals we’ve become a better team and been able to obtain our weekly goal and at the end of the regular season were sitting in a good position.”

I got a chance to sit down with offensive coordinator Phil Burkett. I asked him, “What’s been the motivation you’ve given your players during the season at good and bad times?”

Burkett’s reply was, “The game plan has been to play disciplined and play one game at a time.”