Letting the Cat Out of the Bag!

Karly Kos, Guest Columnist

Have you ever thought of becoming a Veterinarian or maybe even a Neurosurgeon? Then, Anatomy is the class for you!

Anatomy is a the branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts. Anatomy is an elective that you can take when you become a senior. It is really recommended for people who want to become surgeons and other medical vocations, so they can get a head start on what they want to become or to even just to see if it is something that they are interested if they’re not sure what they want to be when they grow up, or if they just want to take it just to take it because it is a very interesting course.

Your teacher will most likely be Ms. Allison. She has been teaching anatomy for 15 years now. I asked her why she started teaching anatomy, and she tells me, “I love the topic, and I find it interesting. So many of my students have a focus on health care careers, and this class allows me to connect the classroom instruction with careers in the medical field.” Ms. Allison is an amazing teacher, and you will love her as a teacher and a mentor. She is incredible at what she does and will do whatever she can to make sure you really understand the information and that you have the best experience.

Before we can start dissecting the cats there is stuff we had to learn first like all the organs of the body or all the cuts you have to make to start dissecting the cat. It may be kind of boring but people in the class find this interesting. Every day you ask, “When are we going to start cutting the cats?” and it’s always very exciting to learn that you are one step closer to dissecting the cats. We actually even used pickles for practice before even touching the cat which was very fun.

After learning all of that we can finally take the cats out for dissection. This is always such an exciting day! The first day was kind of gross because you’re seeing dead cat for the first time, but after a while, it just starts to become normal to you. When dissecting you want to find all the organs, all the regions, and then soon you will be able to start cutting into the organs.

I asked Arminda Cako, who is taking the course right now, how she feels about this class, and she tells me, “It was so cool and interesting seeing the inside of the cat and all its organs!” People taking this course seem to be really enjoying dissecting the cats!


One day in Anatomy we got to dissect a cat fetus! It was so fascinating to even get that close to something like that. Jajuan Hunter, who actually got to be the class instructor that day, tells me,“I was pretty nervous and I felt like I was going to do something wrong, but at the end, it was all O.K. because Ms. Allison was right there to help. It was so fascinating to see!” Ms. Allison went into so much detail and we really got to learn some really amazing things from this experience.

It is the most astonishing thing to see a cat’s heart or even its stomach and liver. It is so much fun to learn something that you have never learned before and to actually work hands on. It is such an astounding experience, and I hope you choose to take this class if you get the chance.