A Bride for Christmas: A Film for Romance Lovers

Brittney Jennings, Guest Columnist

Around this time of year we all gather around and watch movies. We’re either watching them with our families, our significant other, or by ourselves. A good movie can really put you in the Christmas spirit. For all you Christmas Romance lovers, I have found a movie you must see.

Everyone knows that Freeform, formerly known as ABC Family, shows Christmas movies starting on the first of December all the way to the 25th. A lot of viewers don’t know that the Hallmark Channel also shows Hallmark original movies. The good thing about that is that these won’t be movies you have ever seen. Hallmark specializes in romance movies mostly, so if you don’t like mushy stuff, this movie may not be for you, but if you enjoy romance films with a little dash of humor then this is the movie for you.

A Bride for Christmas is a heart-filled film. It is about a girl named Jessie, played by Arielle Kebbel who finds it difficult to marry which is obvious when she can’t make it through her third wedding attempt. Throughout the movie, her sister is really trying to get her to try again, but Jessie is ready to give up, until…

One day she attends an art gallery event with her sister, and a fine young fellow introduces himself. Initially, she was just supposed to be his interior designer, but things escalated.

He was almost the perfect guy: he liked Christmas and dogs, but little did she know the whole reason he approached her was to win a bet. In the bet, he had to get her to marry him by Christmas. Once she found out, boy, was she heartbroken. The crazy part was that her “former fiancé” was the one who told her about the bet. He was constantly showing up trying to get her to try to marry him again. Jessie refused because she knew that he wasn’t the guy for her, and she didn’t want to keep putting him through that.

After talking to her mother. Jessie confessed that she truly did love him, and she felt that spark between them. Then something out of the ordinary happened, but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Arielle Kebbel did a marvelous job playing the part of Jessie. This movie will have you saying, “This movie is really good!” the entire time. It is a must-see not only around Christmas time but anytime of the year.