Arthur Christmas: A Fun Lesson in Christmas Wisdom

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures

Maria Castillo, Guest Writer

Everyone is getting ready for the holidays! Christmas is right around the corner, and all that people are thinking about is what gifts they are going to get and what gifts they still need to get for their loved ones.

A great movie to watch for the holidays is Arthur Christmas. This movie is about a guy named Author and how he has always loved every aspect of Christmas. His grandfather was Santa and now his father is the actual Santa, but they need to find a new Santa since the job runs in the family. The choice is either him or his brother Steve, but Steve had a better chance of winning since he was the oldest. Arthur didn’t really care about the job of being Santa since all he cared about was making sure that the gifts were delivered in time and that every letter that kids sent was read by him. He just wanted everyone to have a happy and joyful Christmas with their loved ones.

At first father Santa didn’t really notice how much Arthur cared about Christmas and how amazing his Christmas spirit really was. He started noticing it when a gift for a little girl didn’t end up being delivered, and Arthur did everything possible, even risking his own life, to make sure that the little girls gift was under the tree by the time she woke up. Steve didn’t seem to care about the little girl’s gift since he said it was only one gift, and that she would get plenty more. This proved to Santa that the one that was worth taking over the role of Santa was Arthur, so he passed the job on to him.

The message behind this story is that Christmas shouldn’t only be about getting but also about giving. It doesn’t have to be a physical object; it can be a gift of joy, happiness, love, and reunion. The best gift that families can give each other is the spreading of love and joy. Physical gifts can be bought any day of the year in a store, but the love and joy that is spread out on such a special day doesn’t compare to anything else.

Make sure that this Christmas you are with the people you love and that you enjoy every aspect of it. If you have time try to watch Arthur Christmas. It’s a movie with such a great and inspirational message. Also, don’t forget to spread the love and to have an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas day!