“She’s the Man”: The Perfect Movie

DreamWorks Pictures / Lakeshore Entertainment

DreamWorks Pictures / Lakeshore Entertainment

Courtney Collier, Guest Reviewer

Need a laugh? Need a good movie to watch with your family? She’s the Man is the perfect movie for you.

Released March 17, 2006 and directed by Andy Fickman, She’s the Man is both comedic and touching and will have you laughing and maybe even in tears. This movie, starring Amanda Bynes, modernizes Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in the way Viola pretends to be her brother and goes to school for equal rights in soccer.

Amanda Bynes, whose character is Viola, plays soccer, but at her school the girls’ soccer team was just cut, and when she suggests the girls joining the boys’ team they all laugh and dismiss her. So, Viola pretends to be her brother Sebastian at his school, so she can join the boys’ soccer team and prove to everybody that girls do have what it takes. Of course, there are complications when she falls for her roommate and teammate Duke while dressed as a boy, but Duke has a crush on another girl at the school whose name is Olivia. Not only is Olivia not into Duke, but she is into Sebastian (Viola), who has become friends with Duke. Then, Sebastian decides to come back and go to school and is greeted by the lovesick Olivia with a kiss, and what makes it worse is that Duke sees this and believes it was Viola who is playing Sebastian.

She’s the Man allows a person to believe they can follow their dreams without being forced to live up to others’ expectations. It also shows what an impact an intact family has on their kids through the bickering of Viola and Sebastian’s divorced parents. I would give them credit for trying to satirize sexual stereotypes.

A student at Hillcrest High School, Cyncere Briggs said, “This is one of her favorite comedies of all time.” This movie is not only for teens, but also for their parents too. The plot of this movie does hold interest, and that is thanks to Shakespeare.

I would categorize this movie as more of a surreal fantasy due to the fact that everyone falls for her prank, but this still does address real life issues. Some of those real life issues are that there is a hard truth about everybody and everything that people need to understand, and that girls can do just about anything boys can do. People also came to the realization from this movie that not everybody is what they appear to be, and to really know someone you need to actually get to know them.

This movie also taught many things about relationships in a funny way, but it is still the truth that sometimes people are just out of your league.