Movie Review: Hidden Figures


Levantine Films / Chernin Entertainment / Fox 2000 Pictures

Kaylah Coulter, Staff Writer

This three time Oscar-nominated film was one of the best films I’ve seen in years. Now usually my movie reviews are on action packed or suspenseful films, but this time we had to move over to the inspirational side. Hidden Figures blew up in the media instantly, being one of the only movies I’ve seen in my time to stay in the box office for over 3 months and still be selling out shows. Many celebrities bought out theaters and would pay for thousands of people to see the film, due to it being so revealing and so inspirational for thousands of young girls around the world.

In the film we are given the insight on the African-American women who were working with NASA; their goal was to help complete the calculations in order to get the men into space safe and sound. During this era, the Russians had beaten the Americans to space, so NASA needed someone with a calculator for a brain to complete the calculations fast and without any mistakes. The makers of the film, decided to create the film to finally give recognition to the women who were behind the launching of John Powell.

Hidden Figures screams inspirational; if I were to ever have little girls in the future, I would have it no other way but for them to watch this movie. I want them see what hard work and dedication is and that sometimes as women we have to work behind closed doors to get so little. But the lesson I think that everyone should get from this is that what is done in the dark will eventually come to light, even if it is a positive thing. These three brilliant women were working in an industry and an era that not only discriminated against their race, but also believed that women were not capable of doing a man’s job such as engineering and mathematics. Unity and strength are the backbone to each of these women’s success. I am very glad that they finally got the shine that they’ve deserved for so many years.

I would rate this film a 5/5 only because it revealed so many new facts that I had no clue about. I’d never heard of any of these ladies until now, and can honestly say I feel the pain that they were going through, due to the terrific acting. Each actor made it personal which made the film a thousand times better; I couldn’t have picked a better acting crew myself.

If you are a young lady who needs some educational or even career inspiration to keep pushing, keep this film on deck, and near. I know when I’m feeling down, thinking about the things that Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary had to go through to help another man succeed, and to see their country prosper brings me up.