Happy Death Day: The Repeating Unsolved mystery


Blumhouse Productions / Digital Riot Media / Vesuvius Productions

Kaitlyn Cooper, Staff Writer

Happy Death Day released in theatres on Friday, October 13th, 2017. A perfect night to release a scary movie right? This movie featured a great soundtrack, some amazing acting, a good love story and a mind blowing plot twist.

The movie starts off with the main character, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe), waking up on her birthday in Carter’s (Israel Broussard) college dorm room. The college student then calmly exits her room to go back to her sorority house to start off her school day after a night of partying. Tree is one of those practical mean sorority girls, who aren’t nice enough to the people who care about her, but she’s way too
nice to her married professor. On her way to her “surprise” birthday party, Tree finds herself in a frightening situation while she is in her way to her surprise birthday party, when a scary person in a mask tries to murder her. Tree tries to get away but fails and ends up getting killed, but she never really dies. She awakes again at the beginning of the same day that she just lived through. At first Tree just thinks that she’s having major deja vu but after she gets killed again, she realizes that she really is reliving her birthday. Carter comes up with the plan for Tree to solve her own murder, but that plan doesn’t go so well because after dying 15 Times Tree has still gotten nowhere with her lost up suspects,
and her past deaths begin to catch up with her because she has injuries that she got from being killed multiple times. These events allow Tree to realize that the lifestyle she is living isn’t the best one, but she decides to turn some things around.

The movie features amazing acting from all the characters Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Charles Aitken, Rachel Matthews and many more.

Happy Death Day is a Blumhouse Production. Blumhouse is known for many amazing horror films such as Get Out, Split, and Paranormal Activity. They pulled off another hit with this movie. It was produced by Jason Blum, and directed by Christopher B. Landon, who always seem to deliver amazing movies.

When I saw the movie I thought I had the plot all figured out, the beginning of the movie made it seem like it was going to be so predictable, I thought I had known who the killer was 15 minutes into the movie, but I was way off.  I won’t say that this movie will constantly have you on the edge of your seat, or that if you have already seen it that you should see it again because you already know who the murderer is, but you will be able to stay awake and put clues together to figure out for yourself who did it.

I personally found this movie very interesting because I love mysteries, I enjoy the suspense of when you think you’ve finally solved something but you haven’t. So if you’re a person who loves mystery movies then you’ll love this movie. And don’t worry, it has a comedy overtone so it’s not too scary.

This movie is good for a younger audience because many of us can relate to the lifestyle that Tree was living. But not too young to the kids who aren’t mature enough to see this movie. Although there’s nothing too provocative for it to be rated R, some children either don’t need to see this movie or need parent supervision. Even though it’s rated PG-13 you shouldn’t step foot in that theater without an adult unless you’re at least 16. And for the older people out there wanting to go see this movie, don’t be surprised by some of the things you’re going to see in this movie.

The movie also gave off a great theme, which is to not take today for granted, because tomorrow is never promised.