All Eyez On Me: A Review

The Legacy of One of the Many Influential Rappers To Contribute to HipHop: Tupac Shakur


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Shawntel Wright, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of the rapper, activist, actor, and poet Tupac Shakur? Tupac Shakur was one of the many influential people to contribute to the hip hop industry in the 1990s.

On June 16, 2017 the film All Eyez On Me was released, which is the biography of Shakur. It also includes the Shakur quote: “I want the people to know the real story” from an interview with a journalist during his time incarcerated.

I want the people to know the real story.

— Tupac Shakur

I only knew a little about Tupac from my mother and father, but I wanted to learn more, so I went to see the movie.

In the beginning of the film, Tupac is shown as a young boy and the things he and his family went through. His mother and stepfather were a part of the Black Panther Party, a revolutionary black nationalist and socialist organization founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966, which many didn’t agree with. His stepfather had an FBI warrant out for his arrest for an armed robbery which caused their apartment to get raided and guns to be put to their heads.

While growing up and moving place to place, Shakur finds a friend who he cares about. That lucky friend is Jada Pinkett-Smith. They was very close and before Tupac moved again, he wrote and read her a poem name Jada.

As the story goes on it begins to get interesting in the middle when Tupac was at a festival signing autographs and he and a rival got into it. Shots was fired and a 6-year-old boy name Qa’id Walker Teal was shot in the head while riding his bike across the street. I never knew about the situation until I watched the movie.

Shakur did some positive and negative things throughout his lifetime, but the good outweighs the bad. They begin to talk about his record sales and how he made it to the Billboard 200 while serving time in jail.

In the movie everything was going good until November 30, 2017: the day Tupac believed that Biggie Smalls set him up. I’m not going to get too much in that, you have to see the movie for yourself if you haven’t seen it already.

At the end Tupac died On September 7, 1996, he was shot four times while stopped at a red light in Suge Knight’s car in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shakur died six days later at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, and his murder case remains unresolved.

In my opinion, the movie was very interesting, I learned the truth about Tupac Shakur and all that he went through. What shocked me the most was when Shakur didn’t die the day he got shot 5 times an event which he believed that Biggie set him up for.

I also never knew that Suge Knight was in the car with Tupac, the day he had died or even the fact that Shakur was married. Oops, gave you a little spoiler of the movie because you were supposed to find out on your own.

Anyway, the movie is good and interesting and if you haven’t seen it, YOU NEED TO SEE NOW!