A Christmas Movie Must See


Eriola Ayo, Staff Writer

Every year around this time we get cozied up with our blankets and get our favorite snacks. We bring out our favorite Christmas movies and Home Alone is always on the top of our list. Home Alone was released in November 16, 1990 as an American Comedy. Produced John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus. This film stars an all American cast of Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, Joe Pesci as Harry Lime and Daniel Stern as Marv Merchant. Produced by Hughes Entertainment, it grossed a whopping 467.7 million.

In this Christmas blockbuster the McCallister family is preparing to spend Christmas in Paris. Youngest son, eight-year-old Kevin (Culkin) gets into a fight with his older brother Buzz (Devin Raytray). Which leads him to be put on punishment on the top floor. Where he expresses his frustrations of wanting to be alone. Later into the night heavy winds cause damage to power lines, and a quite power outage which resets the alarm clocks causing the entire family to oversleep. In the confusion and rush to get to the airport, Kevin is accidentally left behind.

Kevin wakes up to find the house empty and, thinking his wish has come true, is overjoyed with his new-found freedom. Though that is quickly short lived “Wet Bandits”, Harry and Marv (Harry Lime,Daniel Stern) a pair of burglars who have been breaking into other vacant houses in the neighborhood target the McCallisters’ house. While the McCallisters’ house is being targeted Kevin’s mother Kate (Catherine O’Hara) discovers Kevin is missing. She tries her hardest to get back to kate but her efforts are shortly stopped. Though a passing couple take pity on her and offers a ride home.

All the while the “Wet Bandits” plan to make their attack on the McCallister’s home. In return Kevin rigs the house with numerous booby traps. The bandits break in and suffer various injuries due to Kevin’s traps and Kevin calls the police while the bunch are running around. The police arrive and arrest Harry and Marv and identify them as the “Wet Bandits” due to them flooding each house they burglarize. Soon Kate Kevin’s mom returns and reconciles with Kevin. The rest of them family come over and spend Christmas together. Forget all the past insults and arguments. Ending the movie on the perfect Christmas resolution.

This Christmas classic is always a go to movie whenever Christmas rolls around. I recommend you gather your family around sit down and enjoy this Christmas comedy it is bound to give you a good laugh and give your family quality bonding time.