Seven Seconds: Netflix Original TV Series


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Makayla Coleman, Staff Writer

A really good Netflix series that I recently just finished watching was Seven Seconds. Seven Seconds is like a Law and Order show when you immediately see who did it from the jump.

This TV series is about a man named Pete Jablonski (Beau Knapp), an off-duty Jersey City police officer who one day is driving through a park on the way to the hospital to meet his pregnant wife. Jablonski gets distracted by a call and all of a sudden he hits something or someone. When Jablonski gets out his car, he sees a bicycle in the snow and a trail of blood. In shock as to what he sees Jablonski calls Michael DiAngelo (David Lyons), his sergeant in narcotics unit, who finds the victim: an African-American teenage boy. DiAngelo insists that they cover it up or Pete will be crucified, payback for “Ferguson, Chicago, Baltimore every white cop who ever killed a black kid.”

Brenton Butler (Daykwon Gaines), who got hit by the officer, is in a deep coma. Throughout the episodes, we never get a chance to hear Brenton speak, we are only able to see a few glimpses of him taking his last bike ride. The mystery in Seven Seconds raises questions like “Will Brenton get justices? What would justice look like? And how many other lives will be destroyed in the wake of Brenton’s?” At the very end of the episode, you are able to find out why the name of the show is Seven Seconds.

The main characters of this mini TV series include: K.J Harper as Clare-Hope Ashitey, Mike Diangelo as David Lyons, Latrice Butler as Regina King, Peter Jablonski as Beau Knapp, Felix Osorio as Raul Castillo, Marie Jablonski as Michelle Ventimilla, Isaiah Butler as Russell Hornsby, Joe Rinaldi as Michael Mosley,  Manny Wilcox as Patrick Murney, and Seth Butler as Zackary Momoh.

The series also had recurring characters: Corey Champagne as Kadeuce Porter, Nadia Alexander as Nadine MacAllister, Coley Mustafa (speaks as Messiah), Adriana DeMeo as Teresa, Jeremy Davidson as James Connelly, and Gretchel Mol as Sam Hennessy.

Overall, I felt like Seven Seconds was a good series. It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next. I really didn’t like the way it ended; it actually made mad. I’m also not very happy with Netflix cancelling the show.

Other than that, I really enjoyed watching this show, and I’ll definitely recommend this show to someone.

On a scale of one-ten, with ten being the highest and one being the lowest, I’ll give this series a 9 and a half. After reading my review, I hope you watch the series and enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank You!