Tyler Perry’s BOO! A Madea Halloween


TIK Films / The Tyler Perry Company

Makayla Coleman, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again! Are you ready to eat popcorn and pee your pants as you watch your favorite scary movie, go to haunted houses, or even wear your Halloween costume while you go trick or treating?


Well, that’s understandable because I’m also not ready. I’m that type of person that’ll chicken out to do those type of things because I’m too afraid.

If you can relate to me, I have some good news for you. Instead of being home alone bored while your friends or even your family are out enjoying the scary season I have a movie just for you to watch.  Tyler Perry’s BOO! A Madea Halloween is a really good movie that recently watched while the rest of my family members went out.

This movie is about a group of young teenage girls named Tiffany (Diamond White), Aday (Liza Koshy), Rain (Bella Thorne), and Leah (Lexy Panterra) who walk past a frat house one day after school and get invited to the Halloween party the frat is hosting. Once Tiffany’s father (Tyler Perry) finds out about the party, he forbids her from going. Due to Brian (Tyler Perry) having to go out of town for a couple days, he arranges for Madea (Tyler Perry) to stay at his house to make sure Tiffany doesn’t sneak out the house and go to the party. To make sure Tiffany and Aday’s sneaking-out plan goes well they decide to come up with a creepy ghost story that shifted the adults’ attention away from watching the girls. When Madea realizes the girls have sneaked out of the house and went to the party, she decides to crash the party to get Tiffany. Pranks, tricks, and treats follow Madea until the end of the movie.

Based off some of the reviews I read, the film received mixed reviews. I really enjoyed watching this movie; it wasn’t scary, and I found it interesting. It was so funny I laughed throughout the majority of the movie. There were no parts in the movie that I thought could’ve been done differently and feel like Tyler Perry did a very great job overall.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, I’ll give this movie a 10.

I highly recommend that you watch this movie; if you do, you could look forward to watching part two when you get done.

Happy Halloween!