Little Blue

We tell the story every year

How we peered over little blue

The last time I saw you

You were happy and full of cheer


Lighting up the room with your smile

Bringing joy every time you’re around

Making jokes and playing games

Without you around it would never be the same


Sitting on her throne waiting for her father

While her mother sits there watching them greet each other

Little Blue bids a final goodbye as the doors close

The sky fills with light as another comes into the clouds


To see Little Blue again, oh how we would wish

The day it happened, we knew something was amiss

We look up at the night sky and see a bright star

Oh that’s little blue, she may be gone but never far


How we peered over little blue

As the flowers dance with the sound of the music

Little blue sits there peacefully

We tell the story every year


Today’s poem was written by freshman Kayce Mayo.  It was inspired by the poem “Incident” by Natasha Trethewey, using repetition and imagery to evoke feelings associated with a personal experience.  
“Little Blue” shares Kayce’s love for her grandmother, Ms. Donna Bruton.