“Holidate” Finding Gifts When They’re Most Unexpected


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Xzavier Jones, Staff Writer

Imagine life with all of your siblings being married or planning to be, but you’re still single. Being single you have the constant pressure from your mom begging you to finally bring a guy home and marry him. How would you feel? How would you deal with the pressure? Personally, I would tell my mom that I’m not like my siblings, and I have no desire in living my life the way they have lived theirs. You probably wouldn’t be expecting me home for the holidays anytime soon either. With the holidays nearing us, Netflix has released a new movie entitled Holidate that tells the story of a girl and guy making arrangements to start spending the holidays together platonically. 


What is Holidate?
Holidate, directed by John Whitesell, is a new movie on Netflix that tells the story of two single strangers finding love within each other after spending the holidays together. It’s a movie that will warm your little holiday heart as well as make you laugh uncontrollably. Sloane (Emma Roberts) has always had a hard time with love due to the fact she could sometimes be hard to deal with or just self-sabotage her relationships whenever she finds herself actually interested in the guy she’s pursuing. Jackson (Luke Bracey) on the other hand is a funny guy from Australia who’s always down for jokes and a good time. Together, they oddly make a match. 


What I Took From The Movie
The holidays are undeniably my favorite time of the year, and holiday movies just make the season even better. 

Beginning the movie, I thought it would be your typical Christmas movie, but the more I watched the more invested in the movie I became. I like how the movie also showed what can happen to someone if their parents continue to force them to be like those around them. Sloane’s mom always saw her as a failure because she was single and wasn’t married like her other siblings. The movie expressed how it’s ok to get things done on your time and live your life the way you want to and not to make others happy.  For me, the movie also represented what could happen when you let your guard down and decide to have fun. Sloane who was once always closed off finally started to open up a little more, and she got the happy ending her mother was always forcing on her in the end. The movie also shows the importance of developing a friendship with someone before you get completely invested into them. Jackson who used to run away from commitment finally found someone he could see himself with in the future. 


My Overall Opinion
Finding a movie that keeps my interests throughout the whole movie is very hard to find these days. Movies can start good and end bad or just start bad and end good. With Holidate, there was never a dull moment, and I always found myself never wanting the movie to end. 

Overall, I would recommend this movie and rate it a 9/10. I found it funny, heart warming, and highly relatable. It’s perfect for the holiday season, and it’s also perfect for fellow hopeless romantics. I enjoyed the way the movie showed how dating can be for teenagers and those in their early twenties. In my opinion, the movie depicted how scary it can be to be out of your comfort zone and go out on a limb with someone and with doing so it may be one of the greatest things to ever happen to you.