Photo by: Tabercil licensed under CC

Mariah Bates, Staff Writer

The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star has left quite an imprint on the world recently.

Since the actress walked away from “Grey’s Anatomy”, she has had no trouble finding her place in the industry. 

“I want to cry right now. Grey’s has been the most important role of my life,” Sandra gushed at the time.  Although the actress says that she’s “still attached” to her former character she’s made it very clear that she is done with that part of her life.

Shonda Rhimes also made a statement about Oh, “… I have been made better by Sandra’s trust, faith, and friendship and I can’t quantify how grateful I am for her collaboration on a character we both love so deeply.”  

After receiving numerous awards for best supporting actress for her role on “Grey’s anatomy” she finally gets a chance in the spotlight. With her new show “Killing Eve”, as the main character, has taken the world by storm.

After Sandra’s time on Grey’s laws cut short we are glad to see her flourishing in a new environment. 

Now that “Killing Eve” has risen to the top, Sandra Oh has finally received the recognition she deserves.

In 2019 Sandra Oh was named Time’s 100 most influential people!

It is no surprise that Oh was able to make this very prestigious list. She has always been one to speak her mind and has always been a very passionate role model. Sandra is also very vocal about her heritage. The actor is originally from Canada with Korean parents Who migrated to Canada in the 1960s. “Sure everyone carries the feeling of being the other,” says Sandra, “Being a Korean-Canadian growing up in Canada, being a Canadian living in America— there’s always this slightly outsider point of view, which I really try to embrace.”  

Sandra is aware of her influence on the people around her and uses her platform to speak her truth. “As my authorship of my own work has grown,” says Oh, “I’ve been trying to infuse more pieces of my character’s ethnicity and cultural background. Like at the very top of Season 3 in ‘Killing Eve,’ you see Eve in New Malden [outside central London], which is actually the largest gathering of Koreans outside of Korea. I wanted it to be set in a place where Eve could try to disappear for a while. It was just a small bit of the show, but I wanted to bring the flavor of that because we carry our culture, we carry our history. And typically, white Hollywood does not write it. Does not write our culture, does not write the depth of our culture.”  

While Sandra Oh makes an impact on the fans currently around her she has also affected those who she’s worked with before. “Grey’s Anatomy” writer Shonda Rhimes also had a few words about Oh and her Time’s 100 achievement:

“… Sandra Oh is a virtuoso. She treats dialogue like notes of music—every word must be played, every syllable correctly toned. She’s always been an extraordinary actor. Her body of work makes that clear. Ten years of playing Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy made her place in the acting landscape undeniable. Her award-winning turn as Killing Eve’s Eve Polastri makes her legendary.” 

Hopefully Oh continues to be the strong independent woman we know she is. We can only assume the best is yet to come for the extremely talented actress. The media can’t wait to see what her next moves will be in the industry.