Joe from “YOU” is never going to change

!!(contains spoilers from the latest season of the Netflix original “YOU” – Rated TV-MA)!!


Chanel Hamilton, Staff Writer

The hit Netflix show “YOU” is a show about a man named Joe Goldberg that just can’t seem to find “the one.” He has all of this love and devotion to offer yet no one to share it with! Throughout the three seasons of the show, on his search for the one, Joe has tried his luck with four unlucky women. At the end of the third season, he was pursuing yet another. 

Almost all of Joe’s relationships have gone the same way: Joe finds himself extremely infatuated with someone, proceeds to stalk them to see if they are worthy, inserts himself in their lives, and in an effort to “help” them he does or kills anything/anyone that he deems unnecessary in their lives, they eventually find out, and he kills them. You would think that after four times of the same disappointment that Joe would learn to approach relationships in a different manner, but no, Joe continues to make the same mistakes over and over again and every time never sees the fault in his own actions. 

In the third season, he marries Love Quinn, a woman that was all too happy when she found out that her boyfriend, Joe, would do just about anything for the one he loves just like her. But, when Joe found out about this similarity, he was anything but happy. He thought of her as a monster. He tries to kill her!

Luckily in the show, the audience can hear what Joe is thinking. She wasn’t the woman he’d imagined. Just before he could kill her, Love saves herself by telling Joe that she is pregnant. This all occurs in the second season right before they get married in the third season. Ever since he’d begun to picture Love as a murderous monster, he could never really shake the image he’d created. Throughout his marriage, Joe tries his hardest to stay with Love and get past the negative image he’d associated her with for his baby’s sake. But ultimately finds yet another to obsess over as he grows more and more disgusted with Love. He would even go as far as to bring his newborn child along to stalk his new interests.

In the end, Joe has learned nothing; Joe leaves us with this parting thought:  “All I know Mon Amourt is I’ll search the world if I have to. I will find, YOU.”

I can’t help but wonder, “will he ever learn?” No. I don’t think he will, I feel as though he might die trying to find the one without ever realizing that he could’ve gone about it differently.

At least it makes for a great TV show!