The Recruit: A Review


Ta'Mya Gibson, Staff Writer

The Recruit is an ongoing American TV show released on Netflix on December 16, 2022. As executive producer and scriptwriter, Alexi Hawley created the series. Hawley is a pretty well-known producer and writer with credits in films and shows such as The Rookie, Exorcist: The Beginning, and The Following.

With the first season consisting of eight episodes, The Recruit follows Owen Hendricks, a young new lawyer at the CIA General Counsel’s office. On his first day on the job, Owen is assigned to sort through “graymail,” a pile of threats from people who claim to know sensitive secrets and will reveal them unless their demands are met. After using his insight, Owen determines that one threat from Max Meladze, may be more than just gossip. Soon after, Owen travels across the globe from Yemen to Belarus, Geneva, Germany and beyond as he gets pulled deeper and deeper into a case. Owen enters a journey in hopes of completing the mission and making a mark on the CIA despite the consequences and his lack of skill.

While this is all occurring, Owen is forced to face who he is as a person as he navigates through his personal life including ex-girlfriend, best friend, boss, co-workers, and etc. However, in this game the stakes are high, and he becomes entangled in a world full of deadly politics governed by shady people. The show stars Noah Centineo who plays Owen Hendricks and Laura Haddock who plays Max Meladze as the leading actors. Noah is a well-known actor who has been in films and television shows such as The Fosters, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Black Adam. Laura is most known for her appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers: The Last Knight, and White Lines

One thing that was portrayed well in this show would be the development of Owen Hendrick’s character. He feels extremely human for someone working in this type of business, with anxiety attacks and normal flaws that come with inexperience from someone in their 20’s. He is very relatable and is the epitome of ‘Fake it till you make it.’ Another thing I liked in the show was the hint of humor and inclusion of Gen Z spirit. 

Spy thrillers are a dime a dozen – operatives working to protect their country as mysteries and betrayal keep you hooked. Sometimes their plots can get repetitive, but The Recruit gives a new spin and shows the legal mind games played within the CIA.

Overall, any one looking for adrenaline, suspense, or drama is sure to enjoy The Recruit’s plot and twists.