Press Play


Courtney Hollis, Staff Writer

Hillcrest High School recently had their Fall play, Clue. Clue was originally a board game in 1985 created by Anthony E. Pratt played all over the world. The murder mystery then became a movie in 1985; followed by a TV series in 1990, that only the UK saw; a Broadway Musical in 1993 and off Broadway Musical in 1997.

Hillcrest had a showing of the play based on the movie based on the board game recently. Over the course of these three days multiple family members, staff members, and friends came to the see their favorite game in action.

Johnae Hilson
The cast of Clue performing during the dinner scene. (December 1, 2018)

There were about twenty-five student cast and crew members that helped put the play together. Also two teachers that made it all possible. This group of people dedicated their time and money into making this production great, and great it was. After the play many of the audience member reported that they loved the play. Older audience members said they remember playing the game Clue as a child and loved the experience of watching it come back to life.

This play helped connect the cast and crew as a family. Also this comical murder mystery brought the audience of young and old together, as it was for all ages.

Here are some quotes for the Cast, Crew, and Audience Members.

Zaria: During this play,  I was stressed out and I was thinking about quitting, but after all of this I realized we are a family and I want to stay for our one last play before I graduate.

Jovonda: As a play writer I believe that you guys did a wonderful job in this play and I would love to see another one of you guys’ play.

Scott: I attend most of Hillcrest’s play and I can say this was one of my favorites, I love the play was performed.

Female audience member: Oh my, you guys did such a good jobs. I really enjoyed watching that.

As for myself, I enjoyed the experience of being in the play Clue. I played the maid Yvette. It all started when I was walking my friend to drama practice after school, and on spot I was cast as Yvette. Two weeks before the performance, I was so nervous. Being in a play is very hands on; you are not only responsible for your parts, but responsible for parts missed and parts you would then have to improvise. The day before, the play was so stressful, I wanted to quit, but I knew I could not leave them hanging.

Fun fact, I didn’t even want to be in the play, it just happened. The day before the play was chaotic. There was people bossing others around. Others not knowing their parts. It was just a hot mess. The day of the play my nervous level was high, and I was worried I would be the one to mess the play up, being a last edition and all. I thought the play would bomb based off practice the day before. An hour before the play everyone thanked someone for getting them here, and after that drama felt like my family. We got on stage and we were amazing (the audience’s words not mine). Sometimes life throws unexpected things your way, that can change your life forever. I am glad drama was thrown my way.