Forensic Science Students Demonstrate Proper Lab Techniques in Mock Crime Scene

Mrs. Allison’s Honors Forensic Science students are working together in teams to unravel a mock crime scene in the Hillcrest courtyards. Students from all four schools daily interact as they work together engaging in evidence collection techniques, crime scene sketching, proper search methods and fingerprint transfer. These students have learned the importance of “securing the crime scene” and the proper channels necessary for proper physical evidence collection.

ddWith the help of Hillcrest’s Associate Principal Dr. Scott Buchanan and the maintenance department, Mrs. Allison’s class was fortunate to share (with the auto shop) the use of a donated automobile.   In the past, Mrs. Allison has collaborated with a local impound to arrange cars for the class; this year, however, the students were fortunate to have their own car for forensic lab detail.

dyStudents will use the car to lift prints, collect hair and fabric samples and make tire impressions. This is another opportunity for students to connect classroom lab instruction with college & career readiness..

For more information about the Forensic Science class, please contact teacher Mrs. Allison at [email protected].